2021 cryptocurrency year-end summary

KingData ·2021-12-27

2020 Top10 Market Cap  VS 2020 Top10 Market Cap
1、2021 Top 10 market cap is almost dominated by governance tokens, which is worthy of the "year of public chain";
2、In 2021, the old mainstream token LTC BCH drops to the top 10 market cap;
3、BNB has risen from the 9th to 3rd in market cap, and market cap has risen 19 times.
4、In 2021, the market cap of USDC enters the top 10, or break the monopoly of USDT.

Top Gainers in Market Cap Top100
1、SHIB rose the most in 2021
2、The top 10 gainers in 2021 are dominated by GameFi tokens and Governance tokens

Top Gainers in Meme Token
1、Top Gainers in Meme Token, except ELON, are all animal-related tokens, confirming 2021 "Crazy Zoo"
2、Tokens related to ELON Musk, SHIB 1st、DOGE 5th、ELON 10th; Musk is really the "first dad" in the crypto.

Top Gainers in Governance Token
LUNA MATIC is really "warm guy", steadily rising throughout the year, warming holders

Top Gainers in Metaverse Token
The most profitable things in Metaverse are "real estate" and "gaming."

CEX Token Gainers in Market Cap Top100
1、KCS has the highest gainers, showing that the Kucoin exchange really developed rapidly in 2021
2、Among the top 7 list of CEX gainers, HT has the largest year-end retracement, and OKB and LEO have the smallest year-end retracement.

Note:The data statistics time is December 22 of the corresponding year

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