a16z 2021 Investment Projects Summary

KingData ·2022-01-04

1.The year-end performance of a16z Token-issued projects have 5 up and 2 down, with a winning rate of 62.5%. The public chain, infrastructure and GameFi projects have higher returns.
2.Assuming a16z has not sold off so far, and the investment amount is the same, the average annual return is 109.58%; Assuming that a16z sold off at the highest return, the limit average return is 218.23%. (Maybe not as good as you)
3.The highest return of a16z is 7.35 times of the token-issued projects, and there is no return of 100 times. The investment is relatively cautious.
4.a16z investment focuses on NFT, DeFi, infrastructure, Web 3.0, GameFi. a16z attaches great importance to blockchain infrastructure, and its contribution to the development of the industry is worthy of recognition.
5.a16z began to deploy NFT in February 2021 and accelerated investment in NFT in the second half of the year.
6.a16z started deploying Web 3.0 in September and accelerated investment in Web 3.0 in November 2021.
7.Judging from the data collected, It seems that  a16z have missed many high-quality public chain projects.

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