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KingData ·2022-01-05

On December 30th, Thur 12PM UTC (8PM SGT), we had an AMA session with HuobiNFT, in our Telegram chat at Our guest was White, the Global Community Leader of Huobi NFT.

Here are the essential points of the AMA session:


Host[Phillip]: Before we start our AMA could you please introduce yourself to us, and add a couple of words about your background as well.

Guest[White]: Sure!

Hello, everyone. I'm -White, the Global Community Leader of Huobi NFT. Today, let me introduce Huobi NFT and the interesting things we want to do to friends in the community. In the future, I will communicate with you through online AMA and live voice broadcast

Main Part

Q1: There is no doubt that NFT is a hot word this year, and it is widely discussed in the fields of art, science and technology, business and so on

As you might know Collins dictionary also selected it as the Word of the Year in 2021

Huobi is one of the global leading exchanges and its NFT platform is highly expected

Could you please tell us something about Huobi NFT 😁

A1: Huobi NFT is an NFT trading platform officially launched by Huobi. This platform relies on the underlying blockchain infrastructure construction of Huobi, aiming at providing various forms of digital art works and collections for users around the world.

Meanwhile, it will provide characteristic application scenarios and realize its multiple values for NFT. Based on the construction of Decentralized Identity (DID) on the chain, Huobi NFT will remove the traditional barriers among creators, consumers and metaverse.

This will realize the complete return of users' personal digital identities, digital assets and data to individuals and truly embody users' personal values in the Web3.0 era. In the future, Huobi NFT will build an entrance to the metaverse based on the global DeFi ecology and NFT assets.

At present, Huobi NFT focuses on the initial sales of NFT in the transactions, and collects high-quality and potential NFT projects around the world for users, including artworks, avatar, games and other types.

At the same time, Huobi NFT will continue to carry out bonus campaigns for global users, including NFT airdrops given to users in collaboration with partners, and NFTs officially released.

In the future, we will continue to develop more application scenarios for NFT. In the Huobi ecosystem, NFT users can gain various rights and interests.

Hubin NFT is building a decentralized identity system. Users enter the world of Huobi NFT with their own decentralized identities and hold their own chain assets.

Users can not only trade all their online assets, but also get NFT application scenarios and benefits provided by Huobi NFT, including chain games, decentralized social interaction, metaverse and so on.

Q2: Huobi NFT started its 14-day "Chain ID Registration Campaign" on December 28th to welcome the first batch of chain IDs. This is the first step of Huobi NFT’s plan on Decentralized Identity (DID). Now, what does it mean for users to get DID?

A2: The first batch provides 50,000 DIDs. Registered users will get some real benefits immediately. First of all, participants will receive an additional airdrop of the precious Huobi’s 8th Anniversary NFT, which was specially issued to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Huobi.

Secondly, creating chain IDs can earn you airdrop benefits of Huobi NFT projects in the future, which will be distributed randomly on a first-come-first-served basis. The benefits are continuous and the total value delivered to the first batch of IDs will reach 5,000,000USDT.

Third, chain IDs are assets that entirely belong to the users. On-chain transfers and transactions of IDs will be available in the subsequent upgrade of Huobi NFT platforms. It is universally acknowledged that some "special" IDs will be quite popular in the secondary market.

Finally, you can share this with friends according to the guidelines on the campaign page. If more than 5 users fill in your ID as the inviter, you will get a lucky draw held daily and may win a prize of up to 1000U.

Q3: What is mentioned above is the benefits that ordinary users can get after registering chain IDs. What are the main application scenarios or values of the IDs in the future?

A3: Huobi is the first decentralized exchange to put together a decentralized DID identity system that makes digital identities truly owned and controlled by users. As we know, "virtual identity" is the only pass for players to enter the metaverse, which is also the core value behind the launch of DID.

In the future, Huobi NFT will gradually build a decentralized identity system around "verse" based on its multi-chain ecosystem. Users can gradually connect all their NFT assets through their chain IDs, after which the assets can be sufficiently applied in various scenarios in the metaverse. Then the multi-value of NFT can be realized. Now the chain IDs will be built with HECO as the base and later be directly deployed on multiple chains, making them the underlying decentralized identities of the metaverse with common knowledge.

Q4: It turns out that there are so many benefits behind the chain pass, so how should users participate in registration?

A4 : The process of registering the chain ID is completely free of charge. Users just need to download the Huobi App to operate as follows:

How to Join: 

a. Download Huobi APP and sign up

b. Click the banner on Huobi Global.

c. Enter the ID you prefer.

d. Inviting friends to earn a daily prize draw ($1,000).

Q5: Just now, you introduced the future value of chain IDs, so what is the team's next plan?

A5: First, we will connect NFT assets held by users based on the chain IDs. From the data level, assets are linked together by the chain IDs. From the visual level, we will try an NFT display method that allows users to have intuitive cognition. For example, assets such as avatars will be more applied as identities of users in the platform. In addition, assets such as avatars will be displayed more in combination with virtual equipment. Art assets will be presented in a more direct way.

The decentralized identities starting from the chain IDs will be associated with more projects in the HECO system. It can be understood that the chain IDs are passed for NFT-related projects in the HECO chain. We will access the chain IDs with our partners in HECO. Take the chain games as example, in the cooperative chain game projects. Users with the chain IDs will be directly qualified to enter the game and can use their avatar image to play in multiple games.

In the long run, we will do some cross-chain and multi-chain deployment work when the mode of chain ID is mature. We will have more assets and projects then.

Q6: Can you elaborate on the relationship between the DID route of the platform, web3 and metaverse?

A6: Metaverse is a concept of virtual space. The goal is to build a parallel and persistent virtual world based on the real world, so that people in the real world can enter the virtual space-time in the form of digital incarnations. The "Oasis" in Ready Player One depicts the so-called metaverse, in which the protagonist enters the "Oasis" through virtual identities and freely carries out various activities.

It can be seen that "virtual identity" is the only pass for players to enter the metaverse. What is important is that this kind of identity system must get rid of the actual control of a centralized mode, and it should be the quintessence created and maintained by millions of people together.

The chain IDs to be released are universal and open chain identities based on the blockchain decentralized network HECO Chain and NFT technologies. In the future, it will provide users with unified account identities, friends, connected data flow and an open and transparent chain asset circulation system when they enter the metaverse.

At present, the development of metaverse is still in its infancy which needs continuous development and breakthroughs in digital infrastructure, terminal equipment, content, blockchain and other aspects. As one of the largest token exchanges in the world, the HuobiNFT team will unite the resources of all parties to provide a more solid foundation for the development of metaverse.

Q7: In the world of Web3, the scale of art trades represented by NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has reached its peak this year. What is the future development of the NFT industry? In addition, how will metaverse connect with NFT assets in the future?

A7: The logic of NFT will evolve from investment-oriented to value-oriented, and the application of NFT will become more important. We can see that there are a lot of NFT projects in the whole market, and new projects appear every day. However, the success or failure of past projects mainly depends on the wealth effect, and the lack of support of use value will make the wealth effect effective in terms too short and the liquidity of NFT will be quite poor.

These application scenarios include empowering NFT to become a passport or governance certificate of DAO. Wealth empowerment will give it wealth functions, providing pledge, financial management and others; Game empowerment will allow users to participate in chain games; Social empowerment enables decentralized social interactions, and so on.

Of course, the most important thing is the economic foundation of the metaverse. The metaverse is still in its infancy. Various GameFi projects have tried to get more people to join in the economic model, and achieved good results so far. However, it is still necessary to make the metaverse realize the complete virtual experience and the connectivity for the majority. As a result, identity and game-based consensus will be more important, and unlike traditional Internet companies that take the first step toward experience, NFT platforms will base data models and economic models on decentralized consensus. Therefore, decentralized identities should play one of the most important roles.

Q8: We are looking forward to the new world of "metaverse", but the development of the industry will take time. Can you tell us what interesting activities we will have next?

A8: First, users with chain IDs will soon get the opportunity to gain NFT airdrops. In addition, it can be briefly revealed that during the Spring Festival, Huobi NFT will provide a new round of NFT activities for Huobi Global users. There will be more NFT assets and interests waiting for everyone. Stay tuned!

Live Session

Q1: Zekk Sama: How is Huobi NFT different from Binance NFT? What is your biggest advantage?

A1: Huobi NFT is more focused on the investment value compared to Binance NFT. And we are doing everything we can to deeply embed NFT infrastructure into the meta universe to make it come true sooner.

Q2: Carl Robson: How do you intend to raise awareness about your initiative in regions where English is not widely spoken?

A2: Those regions have tons of precious users for Huobi. And we are trying our best to make our operation team more localized to fit our business in these regions

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