A worthwhile airdrop project on the SOL chain (end in four days) - Banksea Test Tutorial

KingData ·2022-04-13

Source: Bai Ze Research Institute

Project Introduction:

Banksea aims to build an innovative, secure and efficient NFT pool-based lending hub. Convenient NFT collateralized loans to keep funds fully flowing.

  1. Change the network

Change the phantom network to the developer network

  1. Receive test coins


Get everyone

  1. Enter the test network and connect to the wallet



Click on deposit

Confirm the deposit after entering the quantity


Click withdraw

Take out the deposit part just now, enter the amount and click OK

  1. Harvest

Click harvest to claim deposit bonus

  1. Staking nft

Click my hold to deposit the nft you just received

  1. Fill out Google Forms


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