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KingData ·2022-01-07

The NFT trend is currently one of the hottest hot spots~, I believe you and more people around me are asking, what exactly is NFT? How to buy NFT?

This article refers to the 6529 posts of a well-known NFT collector on twitter to give you a detailed explanation of the terms and usage scenarios commonly used in the NFT community~


Abbreviation for Good Morning, meaning "Good Morning". We say good morning to each other because we are a friendly, happy and optimistic global community. Saying good morning to a friend to start a beautiful day is quite enjoyable :)


I believe everyone has guessed it, the abbreviation of Good Night, which means "good night". We say good night to each other because we are a friendly, happy and optimistic global community. It is quite pleasant to say good night to a friend to end a beautiful day :)


Ser means Sir, meaning "Your Excellency". This is a way to introduce someone respectfully or share another point of view.


The abbreviation of Ma’am, meaning "Ms.". The same concept as Ser.

Usage: Mam, I prefer my golden snail.


Fren means Friend, meaning "friend". In the community, everyone is a friend, happily pursuing mission together.


GMI is the abbreviation of Gonna Make It, which means "will succeed", and WAGMI is the abbreviation of We All Gonna Make It, which means "we will all succeed". The state of happiness when everyone can understand why we should buy these JPG files.
Usage: The Museum of Modern Art in New York just bought a CryptoPunk, WAGMI!


Abbreviation for Not Going To Make It, meaning "will not succeed". Describe your wrong decision in a self-deprecating way.

Usage: Use 5 ETH to buy a Fidenza, NGMI.

PS: Fidenza is a series of works of art launched by Art Block. The lowest price on OpenSea is currently 170 ETH.

8. McDonald’s

The well-known McDonald's. It means that if you can't mix in the NFT world, you can go to McDonald's to work.

Usage: I bought a Fidenza with 5 ETH, and I am ready to apply for McDonald’s.


Abbreviation for Larvalabs. Larvalabs has created many well-known NFT projects, such as CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs and Meebits.

Usage: LL rarely tweets


Abbreviation for ArtBlocks. The world's most important platform for generating NFT artwork includes three series Curated (ABC), Playground and Factory.

Usage: His ABC collection is super hot in the market!

11.Generative Art

It means the works of art generated by algorithms, and the ideal state is to be generated in real time during casting.

Usage: She is a rising star in the Generative Art world.


The abbreviation of Profile picture, meaning "personal picture". Avatars used on twitter or Discord, such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape, cats, dogs, skeletons, etc.

Usage: That golden snail PFP is so cool!

13.Looks rare

"Looks very rare" means. Rarity in the NFT universe usually leads to an increase in value, but this is an ironic usage.
Usage: (when someone publishes a very ordinary picture) Looks rare.


The abbreviation of The Fear of Missing Out, meaning "fear of missing out". When you buy an NFT only because you are afraid of missing the next wave of market trends.
Usage: I bought a Golden Snail NFT because of FOMO, but I don't know why.


It means the opposite of FOMO. Because I couldn't buy early on the occasion of my FOMO before the price went up, I regretted it and didn't want to buy NFT anymore.


A: I know that the NFT of the Golden Snail series has increased by 50 times and will be auctioned at Christie's auction, but I don't like this conference, so I didn't participate.

B: OK, laugh to death, Cope.


Szn means Season, which means "season" and also represents the market cycle. The market cycle of cryptocurrency is faster than the real-world market cycle, and the market cycle of NFT is even faster than the market cycle of cryptocurrency, usually only lasting 1 to 4 weeks.

17.1:1 Art

Each work of art is unique (1:1). NFTs of the PFP and Generative Art types use this type of smart contract, and the number of works is usually between 200 and 10,000.


Abbreviation for In real life, meaning "real world". That is, the world outside of OpenSea, Twitter, and Discord.

19.Probably Nothing

This term is more special, meaning Probably something, "maybe something" means. This is the more polite version of FOMO and can be used when there is little reasonable doubt that the market will rise.

Usage: Visa bought a CryptoPunk! Probably Nothing.


Abbreviation for Few understand. The same concept as Probably Nothing.

Usage: The Museum of Modern Art in New York just bought a CryptoPunk, Few.


Abbreviation for If you know, you know. The same concept as Few.

Usage: The Museum of Modern Art in New York just bought a CryptoPunk, IYKYK.

22.Up Only

"Only rise" means. Initially popular in the ETH market at the beginning of this year, this is the price trend of NFT that everyone hopes. Down Only (only down) is of course also a usage, but it is not so popular.

23. Liquidity

"Liquidity" means. But this is an impossible state, because any available ETH will be converted to JPG immediately, so everyone is in a state of permanent illiquidity.


The meaning of "casting". The act of an artist or collector initially issuing artworks on the blockchain.

Usage: Wow, what a beautiful picture, Mint it!


The NFT art trading market issued on the Tezo chain has many interesting but cheap NFTs and extremely bad user interfaces. It is absolutely irritating to use!

26.1/1 of X

Think about the way of PFP and Generative Art. Each art collection is unique, but compared with 1:1 art, they are part of the overall collection series.

Usage: CryptoPunks is 1/1 of 10,000, Fidenzas is 1/1 of 999.

27.Right Click Save As

"Right-click to save" means. The first stupid thing every non-NFT person will do when learning NFT is to show their powerful technical ability to download pictures from the browser.


Common people: I Right Click Save CryptoPunk#6529, now he is my PFP.

CryptoPunk#6529 Holder: You are awesome.

28.This is the way

The meaning of "just do this". A way of praising positive behavior in society.


A: He never uses special projects to engage in deception.

B: This is the way.

29.Floor Price

It means the "lowest asking price" of the NFT on OpenSea, Larvalabs or other trading platforms, and can refer to the entire series or a single collection in the series.

Usage: Golden Snail NFT has reached 3 ETH Floor Price, but Golden Snail Nerd Glasses NFT has reached 12 ETH Floor Price this morning.


The abbreviation of Original gangster, the original meaning is "the original gangster". It first became popular through hiphop in the 1990s and spread widely in various communities. In the world of NFT, it refers to a veteran who entered this circle very early and gained respect.

Usage: He is an OG CryptoPunks holder.


Alpha itself is actually a term for the investment or hedge fund community. As opposed to beta (market performance), it represents the outstanding performance produced through the skills of asset managers.

Usage: His Alpha dropped severely today.

32. Its Money Laundering

The meaning of "money laundering". In the NFT community, it has been extended that the price is not real, because people often use NFT to launder money. IRL or crypto industry twitter often uses this specific usage to describe the NFT industry.


JPGs means our NFT, which may be JPGs, GIFs, PNGs, audio, video or computer games.


A: But you are just buying a JPG, are you crazy?

B: No one can steal our JPGs.


"Off the shelf" means. Unlisting your NFT from Opensea (no longer available for sale), because the price is rising rapidly, the NFT may be sold, the market's expected value of the NFT has changed.

Usage: Golden Snail NFT has reached 5 ETH floor price! Delist! Hide your JPGs.

35. Discord

Information dissemination platform commonly used by the NFT community.

Discord features: practical, overcrowded, a bunch of scammers, make your CPU usage reach 100%, and the notification sound set by the system can annoy everyone within miles.


The meaning of "road map". NFT projects (usually PFP) plan a series of activities to add value to the community. A roadmap is usually required in PFP projects, but it is insulting to require a roadmap in art projects. You need to be careful not to accidentally violate securities laws.


The abbreviation for Let’s fucking go, meaning "horse’s rushing." Use when you are excited about something. It is recommended to use it with the rocket emoji.

Usage: the newly minted golden snail NFT! LFG

38.Gas or Gas Wars

"Gas war" means. When all NFT twitter tried to cast the same project at the same time, the chaos that followed pushed up the gas price of the entire Ethereum network. The most difficult problem in computer science, and the person who solves it will receive the Nobel Prize.


It means Dead, which means "I don't want to live anymore". It can also be written as deceased.

Usage: I sold a Fidenza for 5 ETH, and I have deceased it.


The abbreviation of Rug pull, originally meant to pull the carpet, and extended to mean a common incident of roll money absconding in the crypto industry.


The meaning of "derivatives". Refers to a new project derived from the original NFT project, first popular in the Punk series. Derivatives can enhance the value of the original brand, so we should remain objective when judging this type of project.


Abbreviations for Newbie and Plebeian, meaning "caiji" and "civilian". Contrary to OG, if you want to use these terms politely, it's best to use them only on yourself.

Usage: 6529 What a Noob, I can’t believe I forgot to cast a golden snail.

43. Seems legit

Another term for Seems legitimate means that the project looks serious and may have good prospects. In addition to the literal meaning, sometimes there is irony.


A: I will launch baby fast food golden snails on Solana.

B: Seems legit.


The meaning of "physical space" is also the meaning of the real world, another term for IRL.

45.Buying on secondary

"Buy in the secondary market" means. When you fail to cast a certain NFT, you have to buy it in a secondary market like OpenSea.

Usage: If you missed Mint, you must buy on secondary.

46.Schelling Point

"Focus point" means. It is believed that the game theory terms applicable to NFT and BTC. The original concept is "The focal point that everyone expects is the choice that others expect him to be expected to make." NFT projects considered to be focal points usually have a store of value The nature of the product, the price will continue to rise.

47.Wen moon?

From the usage of the cryptocurrency community on twitter, it means "When moon". Ask when the price will be To the moon (price skyrocketing), but it is mostly ironic in the NFT community.


A: 6529 x Golden Snail joint model.

B: Wen moon, ser?


"Valhalla" means. The paradise in Norse mythology is also the paradise in the NFT world. There, dead Vikings and those with precious NFTs will have a party together.

Usage: 6529 Either board Valhalla or go to McDonald’s to work.


Abbreviation for Do Your Own Research, meaning "do your research well". A disclaimer that is not responsible for others' views on NFT.


The usage from the cryptocurrency community on twitter means to hold a large-scale position in a certain NFT in one's own investment portfolio. Apes has a long history in the NFT world, such as the first 24 ape-shaped CryptoPunks, and later Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Usage: I am Aped Golden Snail, but DYOR.


Abbreviation for Not Financial Advice, meaning "non-financial advice". The usage is similar to DYOR. To reiterate, someone shared an idea, but all you have to do is decide if it is right for you.

Usage: I am Aped Golden Snail, NFA.


The abbreviation of Degenerate, in the NFT world, means to bear unreasonable and extremely high transaction risks.

Usage: All non-Degen transactions will be punished in Up Only 1:1 szn. Few. LFG. NFA. DYOR.


Originated from Bitcoin minimalists, they firmly believe that the public chain they are on is the best public chain. Can be applied to NFT projects.

Usage: He is CryptoPunks Maxi. Missed Bored Ape Yacht Club, extremely Coping.


It means constantly promoting others to buy a certain NFT and making people feel irritable, or trying to generate FOMO in the community. But no one likes this, don't do it.

Usage: Here again, he is in Shilling NFT again.


The meaning of "salt". Salt is salty, like the tears you shed when you are in Cope state.


A: The golden snail is a rug, but 6529 Shilling all day long.

B: Salt is everywhere on the floor.

55. Love to See it/Hate to See It

"Happy to see this" and "hate to see this" mean. Sometimes it is purely literal, but sometimes it is used in the opposite way. DYOR!


1. The Museum of Modern Art in New York showed his NFT, Love to See it.

2. The NFT project that the celebrity used to make money is selling so badly, Hate to See It.


Short for wrecked, it means that when your portfolio performance looks like it was hit by a car, no one wants it, but sometimes it cannot be avoided.

Usage: I tried to short the golden snail but got very Rekt, NGMI.


Abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, meaning "decentralized autonomous organization". Possess unlimited potential, but beware of the regulatory issues of the SEC.

Usage: I will launch my cap T nerd glasses DAO next week

58.OK Boomer

It can be understood as the meaning of "Okay, old man." You can say this to anyone over 22 years of age who disagrees.


A: The golden snail is not a real artwork.

B: OK Boomer, NGMI.


"They" mean. This can be used when you are interacting with characters who do not know their gender.

Usage: I like coolcat5434 very much. They are a great artist.

60.I see what you did there

"I see what you are doing over there" means. You can say this when you see what a friend, competitor, or partner has done in the meta-universe.

61.Your Bags

"Your backpack" means NFT wallet address.

Usage: Bag is full of silver snails! LFG!!!

62.Sweep the Floor

"Sweeping the floor" means to search all the NFTs with the lowest price for a certain NFT project, but then it is usually found that the backpack is too heavy.

Usage: I just Sweep the Floor silver snail!


The abbreviation of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, the abbreviation of "fear, unknown and doubt". It is used in the world of NFT to complain that the price is too low and the price forecast needs to be readjusted.

Usage: Saying that the minimum price of Fidenzas in 2025 is 2500 ETH, it is a FUD at all.


Abbreviation for Greatest of All Time, meaning "the greatest ever". It is purely used to express respect and respect, and is usually represented by a goat pattern.

Usage: He is a GOAT in the gold snail transaction.


The meaning of "on the chain" and "off the chain". Refers to whether the relevant steps in any particular process occur on the chain or off the chain before being executed on the blockchain.

Usage: Our design is 100% On-Chain when it is generated.


"Destroy" means. Get other rewards by sending NFT to an address and losing control of it.

Usage: He burned his golden snail NFT in order to get the NFT of golden snail DAO.


"Pledge" means. The same concept as in the Defi project, lock the NFT in the smart contract of the exchange to get other rewards.

Usage: He pledged 10 golden snails on the exchange in order to obtain 10 golden snail coins every day.

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