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KingData ·2022-04-15

Project Description:

Project Name: Diffusion Finance

Network: Testnet

Author: Successor of Socialism

Diffusion Finance provides liquidity for Cosmos EVM, Diffusion Finance on Evmos, AMM (Automated Market Maker). Social media accounts have been clearly given to early community users for airdrops!

Operation tutorial:

  1. Open the mainnet add tool and search for EVMOS, then link the wallet and add the testnet to the metamask wallet.

  1. Open the faucet and enter the wallet address to request test tokens, you will get 0.01 EVMOS.

  1. Open the testnet and connect the metamask wallet, go to the swap page, let's exchange some tokens.

  1. Click pool, then click Create a pair, and enter the amount to approve, wait for the wallet to confirm the success, click Supply, and then click Confirm Supply.

  1. Click to increase liquidity, enter the currency pair and amount supply, and confirm the supply.

OK to do this, there are still quite a few problems on the test network, you can join discord for timely feedback.

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