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KingData ·2022-04-15

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Trend overview

The DeFi market is still volatile with the broader market. The Hbar on-chain pledge agreement of the Terra faction has topped the TVL gainer list for three consecutive days. Although its token price has not been able to grow synchronously today, it is still worthy of attention. The NFT market data has slightly corrected. Recently, new projects in the market have been highly active, and there are still new opportunities worthy of ambush. Terra continued to increase its holdings of BTC, and the giant whales showed an increase in their holdings as a whole.

1. DeFi

1. Ecological data


DeFi Market Data
Current TVL 24h Increase Curve TVL Dominance
$210.49b -1.47% 9.61%

24h public chain TVL increase data

Chain TVL 24h Increase Token Price 24h Increase
Hbar $42.76m +25.36% HBAR $0.19 -1.84%
Icon $98.51m +12.38% ICX $0.76 -2.5%
Vite $13.88m +4.65% VITE $0.05 -2.55%
Heco $408.45m +4.26% HT $9.3 -0.6%
Boba $75.62m +4.14% BOBA $1.44 +0.07%

The above data statistics time: 4.15-21:00 UTC+8

2. Memorabilia

(1) DeFi platform completed a $6 million Series A financing, led by Libertus Capital

On April 15, DeFi platform announced the completion of a $6 million Series A financing, led by Libertus Capital, with participation from Road Capital and 1inch co-founder Sergej Kunz. This round of financing will be used to further develop its products, expand its team and enhance its brand image.

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(2) Symphony Digital announced that its first fund has completed a $40 million raise, with Animoca Brands participating

On April 15, digital asset investment platform Symphony Digital announced that its first fund had raised $40 million, with Animoca Brands participating. Animoca Brands will serve as the fund's strategic partner and its lead investor, working with Symphony Digital to drive continued innovation in GameFi and Web 3.

Founded in 2021, Symphony Digital serves institutions and family offices, providing enterprise-grade digital asset access through yield-generating strategies in DeFi. "Animoca Brands supports Symphony Digital's mission to make access to DeFi more mainstream and bring new insights and strategies that help strengthen the entire ecosystem," said yat Siu, co-founder and CEO of Animoca Brands.

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2. NFT

The turnover increased steadily, and the market activity continued to increase. Recently, NBA stars have been entering the stadium to issue NFTs, which seems to have become a new trend in the NBA circle. Recently, the NFT transaction volume on the SOL chain has also grown rapidly. Fractal, the game NFT market on SOL, has received investment from star institutions Paradigm and Multicoin Capital, which is worthy of attention.

1. Ecological data

NFT Marketcap(24h Increase)
Market Cap Volume Holders Traders
$17.67B(-0.06% $140m(-0.35%) 2.09M(+0.12%) 39K(+1.75%)
NFT 24h Sales Top5
NFT Sales Holders Floor Price
Shinsei Galverse Official 4542 4314 0.55 ETH
The Picaroons 1895 2187 -
The Lobstars 1222 3389 0.13 ETH
Alien Frens 1176 6217 0.36 ETH
Mutant Shiba Club 1057 5324 0.12 ETH
NFT 24h Gas Burn Top5 5,847 0.3
NFT Gas Burn Introduction
Shinsei Galverse Official 53.53 ETH Girls NFT
Alien Frens 43.95 ETH Alien NFT
TWD Daryl 41.53 ETH Motorcycle NFT
Gem 33.88 ETH Marketplace
Art Blocks 26.83 ETH Art  NFT

The above data statistics time: 4.15-18:00 UTC+8

2. Memorabilia

(1) Tom Brady's NFT company Autograph signed with NBA star Devin Booker

On April 15, Autograph, an NFT company founded by five-time NFL Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, announced on its social networking site that it has reached a partnership with NBA Phoenix Suns star Devin Book. As previously reported, Autograph completed a $170 million Series B financing in January this year. A16z and Kleiner Perkins, an American venture capital firm, jointly led the investment and are committed to helping celebrities in sports, popular culture, fashion and entertainment sell NFTs.

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(2) XINTIANDI will release 18 limited-edition digital fashions on Xiaohongshu R-SPACE from April 18

On April 15th, XINTIANDI will release 18 limited-edition digital fashions on Xiaohongshu R-SPACE starting from 12:00 on April 18th. It is reported that this series of digital fashion is designed by 9 top domestic designers, and users can get 3D experience such as upper body renderings after obtaining the fashion. In addition, XINTIANDI will participate in the official online release schedule of AW22 Digital Shanghai Fashion Week, and release the full version of the concept film on the fashion week.

Original link:

(3) Immutable X, the NFT Layer2 solution, announced a strategic partnership with the cross-chain NFT trading platform NFTrade

On April 15, Immutable X, an NFT Layer2 solution, announced a strategic partnership with NFTrade, a cross-chain NFT trading platform. NFTrade will integrate the Immutable X network, where NFTs on the Ethereum chain can be traded and created without gas fees.

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Popular NFTs coming to MINT

(1)The Lunartics

Project Introduction: Anime NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 10000

MINT Price: 0.08E

MINT Time: April 19, 2022

Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Comments: Creator Julius Preite has been a producer on several anime series including The Simpsons, and Dan E. Fesman is a writer and producer on more than 15 TV series. The roadmap shows that there will be a Lunartics anime series after launch, and everyone's NFTs may appear in this anime. The total number of The Lunartics is 10,000, and the sale price is 0.08ETH. To obtain the whitelist, you need to hold two designated NFT projects. Team members are non-anonymous, and MINT will start automatically after the whitelist event ends on the 19th, and they are interested in continuing to follow the project.

(2)Rainbow Journey


Project Introduction: NFT Banner


Total amount of NFTs: TBA


MINT time: TBA

Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Brief comment: The entire series consists of 1000 Banner NFTs, with a cute and cute design style. It cooperates with many blue-chip projects of anime style. After the blue-chip NFT holders of the cooperation enter Discord, they can automatically obtain a senior status, and more Easy to get whitelisted. Its roadmap shows that an INO platform called Rainbows Pad will be developed after launch. Although there are only 5,323 Twitter followers, the community atmosphere is very active. In the initial stage of vigorous promotion, the growth rate is good! Sustainably pay attention to Nabai.

Live Hot NFTs

(1) Shinsei Galverse

24h Sales List Top 1

Project Introduction: Anime NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 8888

Floor Price: 0.498E

Comments: The design style of the project is animation style, and the follow-up plan is to be a WEB3 animation NFT community, which belongs to the community of animation enthusiasts. The founding teams are all non-anonymous and international teams. At present, there are 22,000 fans, and they are listed as Top 1 in the Sales list today. Several KOLs are following the project. The platform is still in its early stage, but the community interaction is highly active and can continue to be followed.

(2) The Picaroons

Project Introduction: Seafaring NFTs


Total amount of NFT: 10000

Floor Price: 0.1E

Comments: The project has 11,000 Twitter followers and several KOLs follow. The project is still in a relatively early stage. However, the founding team of the project is all non-anonymous, and has an artistic background. The style is more artistic, and the sharp lines are impressive. The nautical theme is relatively rare. The project has designed a variety of nautical adventure activities, which are more interesting and have high community activity. Today, it is listed as Top 2 in the Sales list, which is worthy of attention.

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