Token launch in Q2! A project that can make money while walking - SweatCoin

KingData ·2022-04-18

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Project Introduction:


SweatCoin is a StepN-like running and earning project, but you don’t have to run, just walk. The project in 2018 has 64 million registered users. It will be listed on Near this summer and the token SWEAT will be launched. At that time, Sweatcoin will be exchanged for SWEAT according to 1:1.

The project party has reached cooperative relations with more than 600 brands, insurance companies, and governments. The value of the tokens you get in exchange for commodities is provided by them.


From all over the world - UK, Russia, Azerbaijan, China, South Africa, France, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, Philippines.


Near Foundation and OKX led the investment, and other VCs such as Blockdream ventures.

Install the app

After downloading, click Sign up with Apple to log in with your Apple ID

Then I was asked to enter my mobile phone number. I used the domestic mobile phone number and GV's mobile phone number successively, but I didn't receive a text message, but it was fine when I entered the APP again.

Enter the APP again to use it.

Then turn on the health function of the phone

Turn on Step Count, then select Allow

Then it asks if you can accept push notifications from now on? Click Yes, Please

Then click Got it

Function introduction in APP

The upper left corner is the user information, the upper right corner is the account balance, which is the sweatcoin you earn, the middle is the number of steps of the day, and the bottom is the navigation bar.

How to play

Give a swapcoin every 1000 steps, and you can get a maximum of 10 swapcoins every day, which is 10,000 steps.

Just walk, not so tired.

If you want to get more tokens, you can krypton gold

$5 per month, $25 per year

There is no upper limit on the number of steps recorded, and the number of tokens obtained is doubled

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