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KingData ·2022-04-19

Source: Chasing the Wind Lab

Basilisk is a liquidity bootstrapping protocol built for Kusama. Its mission is to provide frictionless liquidity for long-tail crypto assets.

Basilisk's modular design enables new crypto assets to bootstrap liquidity by choosing the automated market maker (AMM) model they find most convenient. The first version implements Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) and XYK pools with order matching transactions. The following iterations will bring more advanced price discovery mechanisms to Basilisk, such as auctions and bonding curves. The NFT market is also on the way!

Basilisk has strong ties to HydraDX, which has set out to become the preferred liquidity provider on the Polkadot network. Together, Basilisk and HydraDX create a synergy that addresses the changing liquidity needs of cryptoassets throughout their lifecycle. Use Basilisk AMM to bootstrap liquidity at an early stage, then move to HydraDX Omnipool to unlock unprecedented cross-chain liquidity in a sea of ​​assets.

Let's start our testing tutorial:

1) Create a BSX wallet

2) Enter the wallet page and set up the Basilisk network

3) Enter the official DC group to receive test coins

Enter the following command in the #testnet-faucet channel: drip BSX_ADRRESS

4) Enter the test page and connect the wallet

5) Swap

6) Feedback

If you encounter problems during the testing process, you can go to GitHub for feedback, and you will get some BSX tokens as a reward.

General feedback can go to #pub-testnet-feedback on Discord.

The above are simple steps for the Basilisk test.

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