Deterministic Airdrop! DeFi Innovative Fixed Compound Interest Project - Aufin Test Tutorial

KingData ·2022-04-20

Project Introduction

Aufin focuses on DeFi innovation, creating benefits and value for Aufin token holders. The Aufin Protocol, short for Automatic Financial, provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with up to 480,419.00% sustainable fixed compound interest for the first 12 months.

The Power of Compound Interest - It's important to note that your balance will grow exponentially over time, not linearly. Compounded at 0.01613% / 10 minutes:

Example: If you start Day 1 with a balance of only 1,000 $AUN, after one year your balance will increase to 4,804,190 $AUN.

There will be airdrops in the official white paper roadmap.

Step 1: Add Binance Smart Chain - Testnet Network via Chainlist.

Step 2: Enter the test network and receive the test currency AUFIN token. (If you don't get it, you can go to the official telegram for consultation)

Enter wallet address

Claim and add tokens to wallet

Check token balance

Step 3: Check the balance and see that the balance increases every 10 minutes.

Now the function is relatively simple, the test is only a few steps, and you can pay attention to the subsequent upgrade.

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