Confirmed airdrop, just got 250W financing! ——Tutorial of Aura Network, a popular NFT platform project

KingData ·2022-04-24

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Project Introduction:

Aura Network is an NFT-centric layer 1 blockchain platform designed to accelerate the adoption of NFTs globally by the blockchain internet.

Recommended reason:

  1. The ecological popularity of cosmos has dropped, but it is just a good season for ambush, especially the projects that can still be financed on cosmos
  2. The airdrop plan is clarified in the official doc, but there are no details yet, and testing may account for a certain proportion
  3. Financing 250w
  4. NFT track, the official website interface conforms to my personal aesthetic

Tutorial starts:

Join DC first

Click to make sure each channel permission is turned on

Enter the command in the tap channel: I love Aura + your aura test network address (may not be obtained here, go to the next step and come back)

link wallet

Automatically add test network

Switch the chain in the keplr wallet, and copy the corresponding address to the above watering link.

Select the node column, and you can choose the node to pledge at will. You can vote after watching it. It is not open yet. Other functions are gone.

The tutorial ends here.

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