High probability airdrop, ASTR ecological stable currency - AstridDAO tutorial

KingData ·2022-04-24

Source: Socialist Successor
Project Introduction:

AstridDAO offers the best lending conditions on the market. There is a small one-time fee for borrowing BAI, rather than a highly variable interest rate. Only ASTR is supported when publishing. The ability to instantly redeem $BAI at face value in exchange for collateral (i.e. 1 BAI to $1 ASTR) and the ability to immediately liquidate undercollateralized accounts from the stable pool, fully hard-pegging BAI to USD.

Project name; AstridDAO

Public chain; ASTR

network; testnet

Operation tutorial;

  1. Open the Astar Network website and connect the metamask wallet, and switch the network to Shibuya Network.


  1. Then click the tap to get test tokens, you will get 50 SBY tokens.

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