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KingData ·2022-04-25

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Keywords: Akutars

Trend overview

In the days when the market continued to fall, DeFi growth slowed down at the same time, and the market was relatively boring. The main popularity was that each public chain followed Terra to issue their own algorithmic stablecoins, but the increase in the share of algorithmic stablecoins is essentially adding leverage to the market. Attention should be paid to risk.

The NFT market is still very lively, Monnbirds does not rest when it rises, the floor price of BAYC soars to 137ETH again, and its parent company will issue a new Metaverse project on May 1, which is undoubtedly the focus of the recent market, the sky-high price of the Akutars project side "The vulnerability has also dominated the screen in the past two days, and many projects have gained gratifying growth. In short, the NFT market is still very lively and deserves long-term attention.

The giant whale increased its holdings slightly today, with relatively weak actions and strength, and there was no obvious bullish trend of increasing its holdings. Under the high inflation, the expectation of raising interest rates and shrinking the balance sheet still has a certain negative impact.

1. DeFi

After yesterday's decline, the market rebounded as quickly as the broader market today. Near landed on the TVL increase list again, and both TVL and Token rose sharply; the data of the husband chain ThunderCore rose sharply today, and the token $TT rose by 83%, which is worthy of continued attention.


DeFi Market Data
Current TVL 24h Increase Curve TVL Dominance
$210.53b -0.19% 9.40%

24h public chain TVL increase data

Chain TVL 24h Increase Token Price 24h Increase
Conflux $68.24m +59.18% CFX $0.16 -2.33%
Sifchain $126.75m +9.95% EROWAN $0.12 5.14%
Velas $17.93m +6% VLX $0.17 -1.15%
Mixin $337.46m +3.95% XIN $353.66 -0.14%
Oasis $261.27m +3.07% ROSE $0.21 -1.15%

The above data statistics time: 4.24-22:00 UTC+8

2. Memorabilia

(1) HWGC Holdings plans to acquire two fintech companies in digital payments and PaaS for $150 million

On April 24, Malaysian company HWGC Holdings announced its intention to acquire two fintech companies in the digital payments and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) space, HWGG Capital and Fintech Scion, to further advance its blockchain technology innovation in the fintech industry. HWGC's combined consideration for the two target acquisition companies is approximately $150 million. HWGC is conducting due diligence on the target company and preparing an appropriate agreement for acquisition negotiations, which is expected to close in the third quarter of 2022.

Established in 2017, HWGG Capital is a fully licensed digital asset payment operator under the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) in Malaysia. Fintech Scion provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) services including credit card processing, transaction, e-commerce and wire transfer solutions.

Original link:

(2) Live Bash completed a $21 million seed round and plans to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the performance industry

On April 24, entertainment technology startup Live Bash recently announced that it has completed a $21 million seed round of financing. The investor has not been disclosed. It is reported that Live Bash will launch an entertainment ecosystem that allows artists to rent Live Bash’s closed physical sound stage and utilize blockchain technology for one-click live broadcast of performances and NFT casting.

Original link: -up-to-the-mic/

(3) The issuance of USDC on the Avalanche chain exceeded 1.3 billion US dollars, a record high

Rhythm BlockBeats news, on April 23, according to the latest data from usdccool, the issuance of USDC on the Avalanche chain has exceeded 1.3 billion US dollars, setting a new record high. As of now, it is 1,305,095,743.77 US dollars, which is the third largest network of USDC issuance. The current total issuance of USDC is 49.69 billion US dollars, and the largest issuance on the Ethereum chain is about 43.84 billion US dollars; Solana ranks second, with a circulation of about 3.71 billion US dollars.

2. NFT

1. Ecological data

NFT Marketcap(24h Increase)
Market Cap Volume Holders Traders
$18.5B(0.22%) $250m(+11.02%) 2.14M(+0.25%) 43.2K(-11.46%)
NFT 24h Sales Top5
NFT Sales Holders Floor Price
Loomi Heads 2819 3508 0.16 ETH
Ugly People 2719 3369 0.29  ETH
Eightbit me 2220 3024 2.2 ETH
The plague 2077 2438 0.05 ETH
mems 1523 3827 0.11 ETH
NFT 24h Gas Burn Top5 5,847 0.3
NFT Gas Burn Introduction
Ugly People 52.86 ETH Art-focused NFT
Gem 42.71 ETH Marketplace
Sweet Squad 12.21 ETH BEE NFT
Silly Snakes 10.24 ETH Snakes NFT

The above data statistics time: 4.24-21:00 UTC+8

2. Memorabilia

(1) Yuga Labs' new project Otherside announced that it will start at 0:00 on May 1

Yuga Labs' new project Otherside announced that it will be launched at 0:00 on May 1st, Beijing time. At the same time, Otherside has opened a Discord channel.

On March 19, Yuga Labs released a promotional video for its new project "Otherside" on social media. The NFT series featured in the video include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Meebits, CoolCats, World of Women and Nouns .

Original link:

(2) The total transaction volume of RTFKT-MNLTH series NFT exceeded 100 million US dollars

On April 24th, according to data, the total transaction volume of RTFKT-MNLTH series blind box NFT has exceeded 100 million US dollars, and as of now, it is 129,738,193 US dollars, the current market value has reached 197,113,136 US dollars, and the floor price is 9.99 ETH.

MNLTH is RTFKT and Nike's first "mystery case" NFT project, featuring a dark metal finish with a geometric pattern on the exterior and luminous Nike and RTFKT logos engraved.

(3) China Li Ning launched the BAYC#4102 peripheral clothing of the boring ape, and held offline pop-up activities

On April 24, China Li Ning posted on social media that it launched the "China Li Ning Bored Ape Trend Sports Club" series of clothing. The series of clothing is based on the image of Bored Ape Yacht Club #4102, incorporating trend elements such as pixel style and street style. . Meanwhile, China Li Ning will launch a boring pop-up store offline from April 23 to May 4.

(4) NFT project Akutars: 0.5 ETH refunds will be issued to Pass holders, and airdrops will be started at the same time

On April 23, the NFT project Akutars posted an update on the "11,539 ETH (worth $34 million) permanently locked" event on social media. Solutions include:

Akutars will issue 0.5 ETH refunds to Pass holders, expected next Monday;

· Akutars will start the airdrop and audit the contract to ensure accuracy, which is expected to take place on Sunday. Please wait for the official announcement of the Akutar OpenSea link.

Earlier, the NFT project party Akutars had 11,539 ETH (worth about $34 million) permanently locked in the auction contract due to a logical problem with its contract implementation.

Original link:

3. Popular items

Popular NFTs coming to MINT


Project Introduction: Cartoon NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 10000

MINT Price:0.2E


Whitelist:Twitter Activity

Comments: Twitter has 66,000 followers, the fan base is very good, and Twitter is interactive. At present, it can be regarded as a high-quality project of the second dimension, which is very similar in style to ESION. The founder is the same person, and it belongs to the couple project. But at present, one person is doing two projects at the same time in the market, which is the first time I have seen them. In the short term, the project is still relatively brilliant. It belongs to the early promotion stage, and is interested in continuing to pay attention to the project.

(2)𝐄𝐥𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐮𝐦 𝐒𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐦


Project Introduction: 3D NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 2222

MINT Price:0.12E

MINT Time: April 22, 2022

Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Brief comment:There are 68,000 Twitter followers and a good fan base. Several KOLs in the NFT field have followed. Published in Taiwan, designed by Taiwanese 3D artists. But the official website has a relatively good cooperative relationship with the Shawn Yue project. But it is recommended not to bet on 3D projects before the blind box is opened. The consensus of the Chinese project is not particularly good. It can be snapped up during the public sale. It is also a potential project with a certain foundation. Sustained attention.

Live Hot NFTs


Project Introduction: Collection NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 6000


MINT Time: April 23, 2022

Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Commentary: 64,000 Twitter followers. It will be on sale tomorrow, and will be blessed by many giant whales, especially moonbirds. The spread of chips is relatively good, and the selling pressure will not be particularly concentrated. The first person holds 100, and the others are still relatively OK. After opening the chart or when retracement, you can pay attention to low-level opportunities. Logged in to the Sales and GAS lists for several consecutive days. At present, the NFT market is still relatively dependent on news sources, but it is not a CC0 project at present, so a cautious attitude is required. Interested in continuing to follow this project.

(2) Eightbit me

Project Introduction: Collection NFT


Total amount of NFTs: 8888

Floor Price: 2.2E

Brief comment: There are 33,000 Twitter followers, and several KOLs in the NFT field have followed the project. They have logged on to the Sales and GAS lists for several days. It is an old project, and the pixel style is also more popular in the market today. Today, many domestic and foreign KOLs recommended it, and it is rumored that there are big bosses. Usher in a surge. At present, the project community has a good atmosphere and active interaction. The team is currently in a semi-anonymous state, and they like small and beautiful children's shoes for sustainable attention.

3. The giant whale dynamics worthy of attention

Bitcoin's third largest whale adds 300 BTC at an average price of $39,486.04

According to KingData data monitoring, Bitcoin’s third largest whale increased its holdings of 300 BTC at an average price of $39,486.04 on April 23, worth $11.8458 million. Previously, the address purchased 500 BTC on April 15 and 16 for two consecutive days, added 1,000 BTC on April 19, and then reduced its holdings by 1,500 BTC on April 20.

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