(Airdrop) Influencers' Secrets to Getting Rich

KingData ·2022-04-25

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0/ Don't look down on any white you get, it is very likely to be n pork knuckle rice

What is the most important thing about airdrops/whites? On the basis of enough liver, timely invoice, fill in the address, record the mint date and set a reminder

A real case where the money blown by the strong wind was not picked up and taken away, see how he let the dead pig run away↓↓

0.5/ A friend won the whitelist of a certain project in the lottery in March, but forgot to fill in the address. When the mint passed a month later, the project was found to be popular, and the project party was refused to fill in the address.

But now whether the team is willing or not, it is already too late, and they have started to mint, how can they add it to you?

According to the blue-clothing method, if the floor price is doubled, this project can be mint. This white is at least a small hair, so the n pig's feet rice ran away.

1/ First of all, recognize one thing, why do you want to airdrop / liver white?

The meaning of airdrops/ganbai is to expand your principal with the money blown by the wind when the capital is small.

I often communicate with some seniors and find that they may not be willing to airdrop liver bait, why? Because other people's funds are already large enough, they don't bother to touch those who can't increase the amount. For them, the time efficiency is too low, the amount of funds is different, and the gameplay is completely different.

2/ Why do you need to have enough liver, instead of analyzing and researching like Shenyu said?

Because when your capital is small, your time is worthless at all. No matter how many accounts you open, it is essentially a manual labor that uses labor and time for money…

And when you are new to the blockchain circle, or your knowledge is not yet in place, it is very efficient to analyze the project! Low! of!

It is very likely that the analyzed project does not make money / the time has passed after the analysis is completed!

3/ So I think the correct way is, the first step, enough liver! !

When you see a project, rush ahead, and always keep in mind the principle of "defend yourself with nothing".

At this stage, cast a wide net, plant more seeds, and try to draw all the projects you can see, and try to draw all the prizes that you can draw. Anyway, your time is not valuable, so what's wrong with a little liver, right?

It is the most mindless, the most convenient, and the strategy with the highest fault tolerance.

4/ The second step is to issue the invoice and fill in the address in time. Needless to say, please refer to the painful case upstairs

Don't foolishly draw the result and let the dead pig run away without filling in the address.

5/ The third step, record all the projects you have done, and set a reminder for the mint date

This step is literally, I have a suggested optimization form: you can work with your friends and use the notion/Feishu form to work together to improve efficiency.

This kind of office software is very suitable for recording the project information, project background, and the state of the liver, and it can directly set the mint date on the calendar in the software and update it daily.

6/ After making money, it is time to recap! !

After the shuttle, the research is to quickly get on the bus and don’t miss the time. After earning money, research and improve the process of cognition.

The more you cast the net, the more you should feel where there are more fish.

After making money, the review is to improve cognition, to be able to filter out some projects that really can’t get up as much as possible, save energy and further improve efficiency.

After all, no one wants to do physical work all their lives, right?

7/ Supplement, wait and see more projects beyond cognition, such as Nation3, I left the address without any backtracking, and did it smoothly. The project party really sent the money to me.

This kind of incomprehensible project may not necessarily need to run in such a hurry, and it is necessary to carefully back-tune and wait and see, and the fomo mood is likely to be brought up by the matter of "giving money".

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