Open testing of popular projects, low-cost airdrops - iZiSwap testing tutorial

KingData ·2022-04-25

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iZiSwap is an innovative discrete liquidity AMM design that provides efficient on-chain liquidity for Web3 assets. The DL-AMM algorithm makes iZiSwap easier to manage in terms of liquidity and supports more trading methods, such as limit orders .

Test time: 4.20-4.29

Participants will get 200 iZUMi community points. After the event, a community points lottery will be held for the iZi token airdrop. The community points for the iZi token activity will be exchanged next month.

1. Configure the test network

Network name: izumi


Chain ID: 1337

Currency symbol: ETH

Block browser URL (optional):

2. Receive test coins

Join the official discord and enter the command /apply in the test-token channel

Then you will receive a message from the bot, send your test address, and click submit (test coins are distributed every 12 hours)

Add token contract address

iZi: 0xEe5e3852434eB67F8e9E97015e32845861ea15E8

USDC: 0xe507AAC9eFb2A08F53C7BC73B3B1b8BCf883E41B

3. Enter the test network and connect to the wallet


Select the currency to be exchanged, enter the amount and click swap

5. Limit orders

Select limit order, select the currency and rate on the left, then enter the quantity and click the market price, and finally click


If the order is completed or partially completed, or if you want to cancel the order, click my orders first

Click cancel to cancel the order, click claim to receive your transaction tokens


Select liquidity on the left, and click Add Liquidity on the right

Select the currency, rate, enter the quantity and click Create

If you want to add more liquidity, click add, click collect to receive your income

Click remove to choose to remove part of the liquidity, select the amount and click remove

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