Upcoming & Hot NFT Daily Recommendation 4/25

KingData ·2022-04-26

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Popular NFTs coming to MINT

(1) Feet and Eyes Guys

Project Introduction: Cartoon NFT


Total amount of NFTs: TBA



Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Comment:The founder himself is a photographer, and he is a real-name second-generation star. The founding team has a relatively high degree of design completion, and the project official website has a novel gameplay. And at present, the official website can already see the physical product, and it is already working in advance. It shows that the team has a certain foundation, and the founder INS also has 20,000 fans. Potential projects, there are certain profit opportunities. In the early stage, it is relatively easy to get the white list. If you are interested, you can try to get the white list in ambush.

(2)The Randoms


Project Introduction: WEB3 NFT

Details: https://kingdata.com/dapp/728756?type=dashboard&lang=cn&utm_source=blog

Total amount of NFTs: TBA


MINT time: TBA

Whitelist: Twitter Activity

Comments:20,000 Twitter followers, very similar in style to FRESH FOOLS, very meme-like, and will spread better. This is also the charm of meme projects, which can mobilize users' emotions. FRESH FOOLS rose to a maximum of 0.18E, a four-fold increase. It is also a bit like the MEMS project, which has doubled at present, with 60,000 Twitter followers. Then the project can rise to about 50,000 fans before it goes online, so the potential of the project is still relatively large. Moreover, the road map of the project is relatively clear and complete. Although the designer is currently anonymous, in terms of rhetoric, he has ten years of advertising experience. The design style is more eye-catching, and meme-like projects may create the next hot spot. Sustained attention.

Live Hot NFTs

(1)Ugly People

24h Sales List Top 1

Project Introduction: Cartoon Y NFT


Total amount of NFT: 10000

Floor Price: 0.23E

Brief comment: The project has been listed on the SALES list for two consecutive days, which shows the popularity of the project. With 88,000 Twitter followers, he has a certain fan base. And its founder Twitter also has 20,000 followers. The design is striking and impressive. Today, it is on the SALES TOP2 list again. Several KOLs in the NFT field have paid attention to the project. Currently, the price has dropped, so they can seek opportunities on dips. Sustained attention.

(2) pixel interfaces

Project Introduction: Animated NFT

Details: https://kingdata.com/nft/710775?type=dashboard&lang=cn&utm_source=blog

Total amount of NFTs:4004

Floor Price: 0.079E

Comments: A rare animation theme NFT, the design style is relatively bold, the project has 13,000 Twitter followers, the project is still in a relatively early stage. But it can also be considered as a design animation NFT with a sense of pixels. The price of the floor has increased in recent days. Today, it is listed on the SALES TOP5 list. The project prospects are relatively broad and specific, and it is worthy of attention.

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