A new round of value game丨BiKing innovates the "bull and bear battle" gameplay, igniting the trading market

KingData ·2022-05-05

After a period of precipitation and development, BiKing Exchange has entered the fast lane of rapid development. In order to meet market demand and meet the increasingly rich investment categories of users, BiKing Exchange has recently launched an innovative game called "Bull and Bear Battle".

Battle between bulls and bears, innovative gameplay ushered in new trading bonuses

The bull-bear battle is a new method of crypto investment pioneered by the BiKing exchange. Looking at the entire crypto asset exchange today, the bull-bear battle is a trading derivative that is at the forefront of the industry. Compared with the traditional rigid trading mechanism, the bull-bear battle has the characteristics of a wide audience, fast start-up speed, and considerable profits. At the same time, the gameplay is simple and rude, even a crypto novice can easily get started in three minutes.


Battle rules:

First of all, the bull-bear battle is divided into "bull side" and "bear side". The method of PK battle is adopted. The "bull side" is matched with the "bear side" opponent through the matchmaking of the BiKing exchange. After the two place an order, against each other.

Competition rules:

Enter the option cycle after the battle is started. Assuming that the index price is 0 at the beginning, if the price in the first second of the battle increases by 1USDT, the bull side's HP+1, the bear side's HP-1, and if the price falls by 2USDT in the next second, the bull side's HP -2, Xiong Fang's HP + 2, calculated in turn, the calculation frequency is 1S/time, that is, a judgment will be made every second.

Judgment rules:

The factor that determines who wins and who loses between the bulls and the bears is the determination of "HP". The initial HP of both parties is equal to the order amount. Suppose that the bulls and the bears bet 100USDT respectively, that is, each will have 1000HP. (Note that the ratio of USDT to HP is 1:1, that is, 1USDT equals 1HP.)

Within 5 minutes of the battle, whichever side's HP is deducted first, and which side will leave the field cleanly, the winner will get all the chips of the other side.

If the 5 battle time is 5 minutes, and there is still no side with the HP deducted, the side with the least HP will be judged to be the loser and leave the game.

Although the bull-bear battle contains the innovative concept of the BiKing exchange, the essential gameplay is very down-to-earth. Only with a certain knowledge of cryptocurrency can easily participate in it, which is very suitable for the firm "multi-army" or "air force" ".

In addition, the launch of the bull-bear battle game on BiKing Exchange, to a certain extent, also wants to improve the experience of trading users and get rid of the single and rigid traditional buy-and-sell mode. After all, if you want to make a lot of money from the bull-bear battle, you must have excellent market judgment and a stable trading strategy at the same time, because this is a comprehensive gameplay that combines wisdom and technology.

1. Insight into the market

Because the basis of the gameplay of this game is to play value games through the prediction of the option cycle, that is, it is necessary to accurately determine the price cycle trend of the next encrypted asset, with the trend as the support, and follow the trend to be invincible. In fact, without deep market insight, it is easy to get into a headwind start at the very beginning.

2. Personal trading strategy

Encrypted assets have always been volatile assets. Even if there is a clear cyclical judgment trend as support, personal trading strategies will be particularly tested when encountering unexpected market conditions. If there is no professional anti-risk trading strategy, unexpected market conditions will be encountered. It is very likely that you will exit the market due to misjudgment. On the contrary, if you have a stable trading strategy, this situation will be avoided to a large extent, and you can even use the sudden market to "beat" the opponent.

Of course, don't be discouraged if you fail in the bull-bear battle, because this game can exercise players' market insight and hone their personal trading strategies. Even if there are many failures at the beginning, these valuable experiences can Let the players grow rapidly, especially the crypto novice can accumulate trading experience through this game, and be promoted to become a "trading veteran" in a short period of time, so as to seize more opportunities and discover more wealth in the crypto market.

Internal and external synchronization, innovative gameplay drives the underlying technology iteration

As a novel gameplay that has just been launched on BiKing exchange, the bull-bear battle will detonate the crypto market to a large extent, and ignite users' trading passion through a "unique and alternative" trading method. The same innovative gameplay also has a profound effect on the underlying technology. more stringent requirements.

·Intelligent matching transaction system

As a battle mode, the matching mechanism becomes the top priority. If it is an ordinary exchange, the lack of a complete matching mechanism will affect the user's trading experience. BiKing Exchange avoids this situation. From the very beginning, BiKing Exchange has adopted an efficient and intelligent matching and trading system developed by independent innovation. After years of market polishing, it has iteratively developed a matching and matching mechanism that is most suitable for the market. With the support of solid technology, BiKing Exchange can only With the "confidence" to launch the bull-bear battle.

·Second-level interactive response framework

In addition, in the bull-bear battle game, the data involved are diverse and complex. If there is a decimal point problem, or even a freeze or downtime, it will lead to deviations in the results of both sides of the battle. How to provide users with a stable, reliable and secure trading environment? Also a very important question.

Coin King BiKing Exchange has long anticipated this problem. In the past few years of persistent innovation, Coin King BiKing Exchange has been able to provide users with an efficient and smooth second-level trading experience, and then rely on the platform's own technical risk control defense The system ensures the stability and security of the user environment in the bull-bear battle game.

·The most advanced API market collection

In addition to the user experience and the safety of the environment, in order to ensure the fairness and sustainability of the bull-bear battle game, the collection of periodic prices is also very important. If the collected data is biased, it will be extremely unfair to either party. In order to provide users with an absolutely fair battle environment.

BiKing Exchange adopts the most advanced API interfaces in the current market, namely REST API and FIX API. Through these two sets of API interfaces, real-time data judgment, analysis and collection are carried out to ensure that the price in the game is close to the current market price. .

Although the bull-bear battle seems simple, it is also a "big training" for the BiKing exchange from the perspective of the application layer and the technical layer. The complex game interaction logic and harsh trading environment have increasingly tested BiKing. The basic skills of the exchange!

The battle between bulls and bears opened the "innovative breakthrough" of the BiKing exchange

The new launch of the game Bull-Bear Battle not only means that BiKing Exchange has opened its own "value breakthrough", but also represents that BiKing Exchange has entered a new level of exchange security and innovation. steps.

With the globalization of encrypted applications, BiKing Exchange may become the world's most popular innovative encrypted asset trading platform in the future with its unique and advanced "transaction value system".

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