kingData FAQ summary

KingData ยท2022-03-31

1. The gold coin recharge has not arrived?
A: If the recharge has not been received after more than 10 minutes, please send a screenshot of the account and recharge page to customer service Lily (@Lilybrown098).

2. How to change the phone number?
Changing the phone number is currently not allowed.

3. Can't receive the verification code by email?
Private chat to customer service Lily (@Lilybrown098) about the device system, system version (for example: Xiaomi +12.1 / iOS 15.3 / Win10 / Mac 12.1), bug page screenshot, URL, App version number and other related information that encountered the bug

4. What is the use of gold coins?
A: Gold coins can be used to buy Vip or Vip pro. Purchase Vip to unlock Vip metrics, and purchase Vip pro to view all Vip and Vip pro metrics.

5. How to recharge gold coins?
A: To recharge gold coins, you need to recharge the USDT of TRC-20 to the designated recharge address, 1USDT = 1 gold coin, and the conversion of points does not count decimals. The transfer needs to wait for the network to confirm, please wait patiently. Please contact customer service @Lilybrown098 for assistance.

6. How to get VIP for free?
A: At present, on the APP side, you can unlock indicators by pulling people; if you want to get free VIP permissions, you can participate in telegram, discord and Twitter activities to get it.

7. How to receive app push?
A: If you are an ios user, please go to the phone settings - notification - turn on KingData notification permission and turn on the lock screen, notification center and banner notification; if you are an Android user, you can open the "must-see tutorial" on the KingData App My page and open the App push. If you want to receive the push of follow indicators or recommended indicators, please click Push Settings on the KingData App My page, and enable the follow indicators or recommended indicators push according to your personal needs.

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