How To Use KingData To Participate In The Latest IDOs

KingData ·2022-04-18

In the crypto world, the biggest returns on investments are achieved from small-cap gems – and you have to get in before the whales. Participating in IDOs/IGOs offers the most lucrative route to increasing your profit. Of course, this is largely hit or miss, but some due diligence and adequate research can make a world of difference. 

On KingData, you can partake in the latest IDOs/IGOs with just the click of a button. Let’s delve into how it works.

A Guide On Using The IDO Tab On KingData

On accessing the KingData platform, the first tab you’d see is the ‘New Projects’ tab. This is where you can gain access to IDOs and IGOs both ongoing, still to come, and completed ones. 

In the ‘New Projects’ zone, IDOs are categorized based on services provided, the base chain, and TGE platform. This makes it easy to filter projects based on your preferences. For instance, you can filter IDO projects based on the supported chain, eliminating those projects on chains you’re not acquainted with. 

How To Filter IDO Projects

Since the plan isn’t to get into all IDOs but specific ones, the KingData filter tools become useful. We will go into a short tutorial on filtering IDO projects using the tools available on KingData.

The KingData Filter Tools

Before we jump into the tutorial on filtering IDO projects on KingData, we need to outline some of the filter tools available for use on the platform. 

  • Type

IDO projects can be of various types, including Gaming, Gambling, DeFi, and NFT. Using this filter, you can limit your IDO project interest to those of a specific type. 

  • TGE Platform

This is another filter tool on KingData. It allows you to filter IDO projects based on the launchpad used. KingData currently supports EnjinStarter, PolkaBridge, PolkaStarter, FireStarter, GameFi, and many more. 

  • Chain

You can filter IDO projects by the base chain. With this filter tool, you can pick the chain of an IDO project of your choice. 

Using The Filter Tools

Participating in IDO projects on KingData means you know how to use the filter tools. Else, projects that might interest you get lost in the thousands of new projects that spring up on a daily basis. This tutorial should make things easy:

  • Enter the ‘New Project' Section
    To start using the filter tools, start at the very beginning. Click the ‘New Projects' tab to access IDO projects. This will reveal an array of filter tools for viewing IDO projects based on your preferences. 
  • Choose Your Preferred Public Chain
    Next, you need to select the preferred chain of the IDO project. KingData tends to track IDO projects on ETH, BSC, Avalanche, POS, and SOL. 

You can select any of these chains or all (by selecting ALL), and the relevant IDO projects will be available for perusal. 

  • Choose the Project Type
    On KingData, projects in the IDO phase often differ in type. Using the Type filter tool, you can select the project type, which could be either DeFi, Gaming, Web3 or similar. Or you can use the ‘Other’ button to include IDO projects of different types. 

How To Participate In IDOs

Participating in IDO events is possible right from the KingData web application. The platform isn’t just about informing users about the different IDOs across multiple launchpads on different blockchains, you can take part in these events as well. Here’s how to participate:

  • Filter The IDO projects
    If you are looking for a type of project or a chain on which an IDO project must be launched, applying the filters accordingly is necessary. You can filter by supporting chain, type, or TGE platform. 

  • Select The IDO project
    Once the undesired IDO projects have been filtered out, proceed to look through the listed projects. You can select an IDO project by clicking the ‘Participate’ tab. This takes you to the project page on the KingData platform.

  • Participate Or More Research
    While on the IDO project page on KingData, you can choose to proceed to the project’s website by clicking the ‘Participate’ tab. If more research is needed, there’s ample material on the project page on KingData to avail yourself. Let us take, MetaChess project as an example. 

Dissecting The Project Details Page

Every IDO project on KingData has a project details page where relevant information about the project is readily available. Here, we look at the different modules on the project details page. 


This module provides a brief insight into the project. There’s the general rating from popular reviews, price highlights, media awareness, and others. 


Through this module, you get access to everything about the project’s token including the price, market cap, supply, and more. 


Here, users are expected to provide submissions about the project. It’s invaluable, especially for users that might have done some due diligence regarding the project. 


The latest information about the IDO project is captured in this module. 


You can stay informed on tweets from the project’s handle through this module.


The project’s IDO objectives are captured here, including the fundraising goal, tokens for sale, IDO price, and others.

Where To View ROI Historical IDO Projects

Viewing the ROI history of IDO projects in KingData has been made possible via the "Ended" tab using the Ethereum chain as an example. 

The platform isn’t just about informing users about the different IDOs across multiple launchpads on different blockchains, you also view or track the ROI and performances of previous or ended IDOs. You track using various information about the IDO project available on the website such as the project name, type, amount raised, sale price, current token price, current ROI and the ATH since IDO.


KingData’s data analytical prowess extends into the IDO space. Users can find the next 1000X project from the growing number of entries seeking investor funds. Remember, while there’s ample material for picking gems on the platform, you still have to do more research. 

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