How To Use KingData To Catch The Latest Fund Raising

KingData ·2022-04-26

Knowledge of where the smart money is going remains an underrated investment tool. Getting accurate information regarding ongoing fundraising events is a leverage that makes a difference in ROI. Platforms like KingData provide such an insight – a funds tab holds the secret to staying on the scent of smart money moves. 

KingData’s Funds Page

This is where you can stay in the loop of fundraising activities by projects. All fundraising activities are properly ordered, so there’s zero ambiguity regarding what projects secured the required funding, and those still in the pipeline. 

Features Of The Funds Page

There’s a lot of fundraising going on within the crypto space. KingData does a decent job of covering most of these events, so users might have a lot of work on their hands rummaging through all the funding activities. Fortunately, the analytics platform has ample tools on the Funds Tab, so it’s easy to find precisely what you’re looking for. 


Once on the Funds Page, the first thing that catches the eye is the ‘Project’ headline. KingData tries to delineate fundraising events based on two different sections – Projects and Funds. 

If you are looking for a specific project’s fundraising event, this is the place to start. All fundraising events are organized based on the project. 

As we said, lots of projects are seeking funds through different means. KingData lets users select projects based on funding events using the filter option available on the Funds Page. With the right filter, it’s easy to find the funding event you have in mind. For instance, you can limit your search to only Series. 

A fundraising events by selecting that option from the filter menu. So whether it’s Crowdfunding, Extended Series A, or a Treasury Diversification fundraising event, you can find them on KingData by selecting the right option. Of course, if you don’t have any in mind but just want to track smart money movement, there’s the ‘All’ option though it’s more hard work since a lot of projects are captured therein. 

The Search filter makes it possible to find exactly what you’re looking for in the shortest time. It’s ideal for those with a project name they intend to track. KingData updates the projects having fundraising events on a daily basis, so you’re certain to find that project. 

Being an analytics platform, it’s no surprise to see more details about these fundraising events on KingData. 

The Total number of Investors reveals how many investors contributed in a fundraising event for a specific project. Though the number of investors matter, users decide if it’s a deal breaker or not when it comes to investing. 

Knowing how much money a project has raised from a fundraising event can help guide an investment decision. The Total Raised tag on fundraising events provides clarity regarding the amount raised for the specific project. 

Identifying the latest fundraising events is as easy as looking at the Last Funding tag on the project. Projects still soliciting funds will have recent Last Funding dates. 

The Learn More tab right below the Project name provides more information about the Project. 

There’s an option to proceed to the project’s website via the ‘Go To DApp’ button. It’s certainly a nice addition for those looking to do more due diligence before committing funds. 


This is the other section of the Funds page. Information about institutional investors is captured here. KingData outlined an exhaustive list of these outfits and the number of investments made. 

Clicking the Learn More tab reveals all the fundraising events the specific institutional investor has participated in. 

You can see the Year Founded, Last Funding, Investment Projects, and the Rounds. You can filter an institutional investor’s numerous investments based on the sort of Round or Token. For instance, if you’re not sure if Coinbase Ventures invested in Project A, you can confirm by applying the right filters like the token name of Project A. 

Benefits Of Using KingData’s Funds Page

If you’re still on the fence regarding the use of the Funds Page on KingData, there are lots of benefits you’re missing out on. Below are some of the perks:

Tracking Smart Money

Staying on the scent of smart money is possible thanks to the transparency of the blockchain. On the Funds Page of KingData, you can see what projects the institutional investors are funding. The page has a long list of heavy investors to track, and there are filters and search options to trim down the list as you deem fit. 

Early Investment Decision

Being an early bird always gets the worms. Making early investment decisions is achievable if you know what investors are backing. The KingData’s Funds Page carries a long list of fundraising events in their different phases. You can get in at the SEED round, which increases the potential of a decent ROI, or participate in any of the early rounds as well. 

Updated Regularly

The Funds Page is updated daily, so you are certain to find the latest fundraising events as they begin. You don’t have to be late to the party anymore. 

Project's Logo Displays

You must have discovered on the Fund Page that a few projects listed are without logos. This is the fact that these projects are entirely new and may lack logos at the time of listing on the Fund Page. New project's logos are usually updated and displayed after a short while by KingData.  


By using KingData, you can catch the latest fundraising event with a 1000X potential. Those early rounds where the institutional investors get in are now only a click away. Of course, you still need to do some due diligence, but staying on top of smart money moves can make all the difference. 

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