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KingData ·2022-05-06

Following the trends in crypto offers the most viable route to profit-making. With retail notorious for jumping on the bandwagon, trends are potential goldmines. The catch is identifying these hot projects early enough. On KingData, you can track hot projects as soon as they are trending. This piece contains details on tracking crypto trends using the array of tools on KingData. Let’s get to it.

Top Trends List

KingData has a top trends list covering the most profitable trends from analysts and experts in the different niches. Here’s a breakdown of all the top trends in this category:

Top NFT Lands

The hype around NFT lands might have dropped since Decentraland and the Sandbox became hugely popular months back, but the upcoming NFT Land release, Ape Land, is generating interest for virtual real estate once more.

Interestingly, KingData has a complete collection of top NFT lands, so users don’t miss out on the trend. On the top NFT lands page, you can see the trading volume of these virtual lands for each project, how many users own digital lands on these platforms, the floor price of these NFTs, and the ratings.

Profitable Gamefi Projects

Another top trend list on KingData captures the most profitable gamefi projects from the renowned gaming analyst KOL. With lots of blockchain gaming projects, identifying the hot projects among the lot can be tough.

KingData has compiled the hot projects on the radar of KOL, so interested investors have a fodder to work with. These hot projects are categorized based on the public chain, volume, users, and rating. These filters make it easy to decide what GameFi projects are worth assessing.

Top NFT Projects

The recent success of Okay Bears and MoonBird has amplified the NFT craze. Using the list of the top trends on KingData, you can track top NFT project trends that are still profitable to get in. They are categorized as collectibles, NFT marketplace, and others.

Of course, you can view all projects on the list by clicking the ‘All’ filter. KingData lets users assess these NFT projects based on volume, floor price, owners, and rating.

Collectible Airdrop List

Sometimes, top trends are freebies-related, which explains why the collectible airdrop list makes KingData’s top trend list. With the recent release of the Optimism airdrop, interest in these free tokens increased greatly.

You can now track the most exciting and probable airdrops to come soon to deserving users. There’s a dedicated page on KingData where likely airdrops are compiled. The projects are categorized into DeFi, DEX, Wallet, Insurance, and others.

Collectible Socialfi List

With the recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, interest in Web 3.0 has risen through the roof. It’s a top trend that deserves all the attention for the most profit. The collectible socialfi list on KingData comprises popular Web 3.0 dapps on different chains.

These collectible socialfi dapps are categorized into DAO, NFT, Social, and Web 3.0. You can also filter these dapps based on the current price of the token, market cap, and rating.

Popular Privacy Tokens

The incredulous sanctions on Russia and its allies has led to a rise in demand for privacy tokens. This need for privacy tokens puts them among the top trends.

KingData’s Popular Privacy tokens list contains all the hot projects in this niche. You can take your pick of these privacy tokens through their current price, market cap, and rating. The projects are also categorized into cloud computing, currency, data service, infrastructure, and high risk.

How To Maximize the KingData Advantage

With KingData having all the analytical insight, you’re best served by tracking the latest projects on the trends list through the platform. KingData offers exciting trading opportunities that aren’t found elsewhere. Here’s how to maximize the KingData advantage:

Step 1: Locate the Top Trends List

Once you visit, you should see the list of the top trends below the trends for today’s section. Select your preferred trend from among the array of options available.

Step 2: Navigate the Projects

Once you select the trend, navigate the list of projects based on the categories available. You can as well use the relevant filters — ratings, market cap, and others — to pick a hot project.

Step 3: Take your Pick

From the list of projects in the top trends, proceed to select the most interesting based on relevant factors such as market cap, current price, and others. Once you select the project, there’s a link leading to the project site where you can do further diligence before investing.


On KingData, you can pick up the top trends and locate hot projects before the bandwagon is filled. The opportunities on the platform are endless; users just need to learn the ropes, which is what this piece hopes to achieve.

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