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Apr 19,2022
Cosmos Eco DEX Junoswap Will Start the Claiming of RAW Distributed to Its Community on May 1st KingData News: Claiming will be enabled May 1st 2022, Users will be able to claim their allocation immediately. DAO and liquidity incentives will be activated shortly after. Claim window lasts for 1 month and ends on June 1st 2022. Unclaimed tokens will be sent back to the DAO for later use. The RAW fairdrop aims to reward strong hands and true believer of the Juno and Cosmos Ecosystems. People who staked and provided liquidity on various Cosmos protocols for the longest period will be incentivized more than the ones present only during a single snapshot. Airdrop is divided in the following categories: JunoSwap LPs (100 million RAW), JUNO Stakers (80 million RAW), Osmosis LPs (20 million RAW). Total supply: 1 billion RAW; total to be distributed: 200 million RAW.
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