CFTC Position Report Interpretation

May 23,2022
According to KingData monitoring, CFTC's weekly report on CME bitcoin futures positions for May 11 through May 17 shows: Total open interest increased slightly from 10,841 to 11,644. Institutional long positions 7,293, short positions 9,394. The long to short ratio is 1:1.3. Institutional long and short forces are on par, slightly tilted toward bear. Other reportable have 2,465 long positions and 433 short positions. The long to short ratio is 5.7:1, exhibiting a more optimistic attitude. Non-reportable have 1,081 long positions and 1,012 short positions, with a long to short ratio of 1.1:1. Long and short forces are balanced, showing a slightly bullish outlook.
This indicator provides a weekly analysis of the CFTC's updated CME Bitcoin Positions futures holdings report.