Gitcoin Grants Round 14 Airdrop Guide

Jun 09,2022
1. Open the following link to log on: If you have not yet registered, you can register with your email address and connect to your MetaMask wallet. For verification, click on the top right corner of the avatar, click my account-profile-TRUST BONUS. It is highly recommended that you verify brightid, ens, popa, Google account, Twitter (need 100 followers), Facebook, etc, to obtain a Trust Bonus score of 150%. After logging in, try to fill in as much info as possible to make the account more real and active to have a greater chance of receiving airdrop. 2. Enter gitcoin and select GR14: Sort projects by Highest Amount Raised. 3. Select some projects to donate, for example: jediswap connext gidital gaia defiliama zkrollups lenster lighthouse brightid ethstaker. 4. zksync is recommended for donation. Use main network if you haven't used it before. 5. Click on the cart on the upper right corner. 6. For each item, choose the amount you want to donate and click on 'zksync' to checkout. 7. Select 'eth connect', choose MetaMask, and sign. 8. Finally, click 'complete payment' and sign again to complete the donation. Written by KOL @YourAirdrop.ETH;
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