BendDAO's First 2 BAYCs Have Been Cleared, vs01.eth Address Bid and Purchased

Aug 23,2022
KingData News: BAYC floor price falls below 70 ETH, BendDAO liquidates through auction mechanism, the first 2 BAYCs have been liquidated. The vs01.eth address was up for bid and purchased BAYC842 for 82.64ETH and BAYC7860 for 68.69ETH respectively. The liquidation mechanism of BendDAO is an on-chain auction rather than a market sale, which reduces the risk of serial liquidation to a certain extent. Currently about 40 BAYC health factors are less than 1.1 and about 70 are less than 1.2.
NFT mortgage lending agreement BendDAO has seen a large number of liquidation auctions and the platform is experiencing a severe liquidity crisis. This indicator provides an update on the BendDAO liquidity crisis.