Do Kwon: No such thing as "cashing out", haven't used OKX or Kucoin

Sept 28,2022
KingData News: Do Kwon tweeted a denial to reports that "LFG wallet transferred 3,313 BTC after Korea issued an arrest warrant for Terra founder Do Kwon," stating that there was no such thing as "cashing out" and that I have not used Kucoin or okex for at least the last year, nor have TFL, Lfg or any other entity had their funds frozen. As previously reported by CoinDesk Korea, 3,313 BTC from the wallet address created by LFG on Binance was transferred shortly after the Korean prosecution issued an arrest warrant for Terra founder Do Kwon. LFG also denied the report in this morning's news.
This indicator provides follow-up on the depg of Terra's stablecoin UST on May 8th. Terra's stablecoin UST briefly lost its peg to the U.S. dollar on May 8th, dipping as low as $0.985. The depeg event came after a series of multi-million dollar UST selloffs as one account traded about $85 million worth of UST for USDC on Curve Finance, while another user reportedly sold $108 million worth on Binance. UST posted a slight recovery shortly after Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon posted a tweet calling out the stablecoin's critics.