Sui Foundation Announces Initial Token Allocation and Other Information

Oct 28,2022
KingData News: Layer1 public chain Sui Network retweeted the Sui Foundation's tweet about its role and plans. The Sui Foundation is now up and running, and in addition to the grant program, the Sui Foundation will be releasing more information about Sui's initial token allocation, the process for obtaining a Sui Foundation pledge mandate, and other ways for community members to access funds. On October 25, Sui Foundation's official website went live, and Sui launched its developer grant program and opened applications for it. Grants will range from $10,000 to $100,000, and additional SUI tokens may be awarded.
Mysten Labs, founded by four former Meta engineers, announced its Layer 1 public chain project Sui in March 2022 and the economic model of its Token SUI in May. This indicator broadcasts the latest news on the Sui public chain.