PeckShield: 195 Million FTT Transferred from "FTX Deployer" to New Address

Nov 13,2022
KingData News: According to PeckShield monitoring, 195.9 million FTTs (approximately $390 million) have been transferred from addresses marked as FTX Deployer to new addresses beginning with 0x2a4F. This address has now become the largest holder of FTT.
Changes in the assets of the whales often have a large impact on the corresponding Token prices. This indicator mainly tracks the asset change behavior of various Token whale addresses, such as: transferring assets, adding new Tokens, increasing/decreasing holdings, etc. The tracked whales include: Bitcoin top 10 non-exchange whale addresses, SBF (FTX founder), VitalikButerin, Justin-Sun (founder of Tron), NFT Top Player ($600 earn to $9 million), A16z (famous investment institution), 0xb1 (DeFi KOL), Three Arrows Capital (famous investment institution), Ether top 10 non-exchange Giant Whale Address, EtherFoundation, Jump Trading (top market maker), Polychain, CrytopPunk Grand Collector, Feng Bo (famous investor), GALA Giant Whale, etc.