CRV Now Quoted at $0.5228, Curve Founder Adds 20 Million CRV Pledged Assets to Avoid Liquidation

Nov 22,2022
KingData News: CRV now quoted at $0.5228, up 17.8% in the short term. Lookonchain, an on-chain analyst, tweeted that the massive sell-off of the giant whale address ponzishorter.eth has caused CRV prices to plummet and many users who use CRVs as collateral will face liquidation. Curve's founder, who previously used CRVs as collateral to borrow against USDC and was also facing liquidation, added 20 million CRVs to its collateral assets three hours ago to avoid liquidation.
This indicator is used to monitor abnormal fluctuations such as sudden spikes and drops in token and to analyze and interpret them in conjunction with the market.