PeckShield: 0x7a16ff Open Giant Whale Extracts 15 Million CRV from AVE V2

Nov 25,2022
KingData News: According to PeckShield monitoring, the 0x7a16ff open-ended giant whale address extracted 15 million CRVs (approximately $10 million) from Aave Protocol V2. The news comes on the heels of a massive sell-off of CRVs by a giant whale and the addition of $20 million in CRV collateral to the wallets associated with Curve's founders. “The real target here was AAVE’s vulnerable looping system, which Avi mentioned last month. Using $40 million to borrow almost $50 million of CRV could leave AAVE with severe bad debt.”said an analysis by Arkham, a blockchain analytics firm.
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