FTX Attackers Have Transferred at Least $4.1 Million in Stolen Assets to OKX

Nov 30,2022
KingData News: According to an analysis tweeted by on-chain data analyst ZachXBT, the FTX attackers have sent at least $4.1 million (255 BTC) to OKX after using the bitcoin mixer ChipMixer to transfer some of the stolen funds to OKX. The way they transfer funds is basically the same as using ChipMixer and depositing half of the funds into OKX and peeling off the other half. OKX said it is concerned about the incident and is verifying the chain and authenticity of the funds, and has temporarily frozen the account. Peel Chain technology, on the one hand, triggers little risk control alerts from trading platforms because of the small amount of each individual transfer, and on the other hand, because of the extreme length and complexity of this coin laundering chain, which can make the assets they steal extremely difficult to track.
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