Amber's 6 Ethereum Wallets Have Total Assets of $9.46 Million

Dec 06,2022
KingData News: On-chain analyst Lookonchain tweeted that Amber's six Ether wallets have total assets of $9.46 million, including 3,990 ETH ($5 million), 1,111,841 USDC, 1,652,678 USDT and 29,182 BUSD. In addition, Amber transferred about $36 million BUSD to Paxos in the last 7 days and 10,422 ETH (about $13.12 million) to the new address "0x7fb3" 5 days ago. Amber's last transaction was 4 hours ago, withdrawing 500 ETH (~$626,995) from Cryptocurrency and transferring it out to address "0xb24a".
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