Chainlink Whale ‘Oldwhite’ Used More Than 150 Wallets to Avoid Staking Limits

Dec 13,2022
KingData News: Blockchain data reveals how one large holder – a “whale” in crypto parlance – was able to get around the limits by creating more than 150 addresses – and then staking the full 7,000 LINK allotment from each of them. The elaborate effort allowed the whale, nicknamed “Oldwhite” by the OpenSea platform, to stake some 1.06 million LINK ($7 million worth). Chainlink officials have claimed success in drawing broad participation in the new program, arguing that more than 3,300 “unique Community stakers staked a median amount of about 2,100 LINK.” Overall, about 7,800 addresses staked some amount of LINK tokens. It is reported that Chainlink officials are allowing more users to participate in pledging by limiting each wallet address to 7,000 LINK tokens.
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