Genesis Trading addresses a total of $364 million in assets, with Alameda and 3AC as its largest counterparties

Jan 06,2023
KingData News: On-chain analysis Lookonchain tweeted that Genesis Trading's 6 addresses currently hold $364 million in assets, including 219,749 ETH (~$274 million), 35 million USDC, 26,667 BNB ($6.8 million), 126,989 COMP ($4 million) ), 1 million APE ($4 million), 8.14 million SAND ($3.4 million), 2.9 million USDT, 2.65 million USDP, 40,448 AAVE ($2.2 million), 6.76 million MANA ($2.1 million), and 2 million BUSD, among others. Alameda Research and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) are the largest counterparties to Genesis. 7 billion.
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