Featured Analysis Viewpoints from KOL

Jan 19,2023
Phyrex: Many of you said, "Didn't #BTC and #ETH go up? This has nothing to do with the US stock market either. Indeed, BTC and ETH have instead seen an upward trend after the US stock market opened. The main reason is not because the coin market can come out of the independent market, but because the price of gold has risen sharply. As we said before, the price of gold has risen because of the expected recession, after all, it is a long history of safe-haven assets, so it has driven the coin price up. https://t.co/KaGQS6NTm6
There are excellent KOLs in every subdivision of Web3, and this indicator focuses on the analysis viewpoints of these KOLs. (Opinions are all from KOL, no investment advice)