Featured Analysis Viewpoints from KOL

Jan 19,2023
Phyrex: The last is BUSD, which represents the largest volume in the cryptocurrency market. It is understandable to say that USDT and USDC are changing as FUD is gradually calming down, but the continuous reduction of BUSD is a bit puzzling, after all, there is no commission for BTC and ETH corresponding to BUSD now, which should be a better opportunity to knock. However, from the last 24 hours of data, BUSD did not continue to reduce its holdings, but rose by about $140 million market value. https://t.co/fu9UVhY7Z0
There are excellent KOLs in every subdivision of Web3, and this indicator focuses on the analysis viewpoints of these KOLs. (Opinions are all from KOL, no investment advice)