Quality Project Financing Tracking

Feb 01,2023
According to KingData monitoring, in the past 1 day, 5 projects have completed a total of $27.4M financing: ProjectName: Adressable, funding: $7.5M, round: Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1620417962552467458 LeadInvestors: Fabric Ventures,Viola Ventures Investors: North Island Ventures,Mensch Capital Partners Introduction: Web3 marketing ProjectName: Rysk Finance, funding: $1.4M, round: Pre-Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/ryskfinance/status/1620427348163297283 LeadInvestors: Lemniscap Investors: Encode Club,Ascensive Assets,Starbloom,Yunt Capital,Manifold Trading,Hype.eth,Ivangbi,Windra Thio Introduction: On-chain market maker for DeFi derivatives ProjectName: Squid, funding: $3.5M, round: Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1620452365009666048 LeadInvestors: North Island VC Investors: Distributed Global,Fabric Ventures,Galileo,Chapter One,Noble Capital,Axelar Introduction: Cross-chain liquidity & messaging router built on Axelar ProjectName: Sec3, funding: $10M, round: Seed Category: Smart contract security RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1620438371251392512 LeadInvestors: Multicoin Capital Investors: Sanctor Capital,Essence VC,Santiago Santos,Anatoly Yakovenko Introduction: Blockchain security ProjectName: Everscale, funding: $5M, round: Strategic Category: L1 RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1620421894322409474 LeadInvestors: Venom Ventures Fund Introduction: scalable smart contract-based platform that is able to process 100k+ transactions per second, with sharding, dynamic multithreading, and low gas costs
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.