Quality Project Financing Tracking

Feb 08,2023
According to KingData monitoring, in the past 1 day, 4 projects have completed a total of $79.9M financing: ProjectName: SALT, funding: $64.4M, round: Series A RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1622984496080384000 Introduction: Crypto-backed loans ProjectName: Webacy, funding: $4M, round: Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/mywebacy/status/1622961046657937408 LeadInvestors: gmjp Investors: Gary Vaynerchuk,AJ Vaynerchuk,Mozilla Ventures,Soma Capital,DG Daiwa Ventures,Quantstamp,CEAS Investments,Dreamers VC,Miraise Introduction: Online platform that helps you protect your digital assets for the unexpected ProjectName: Cedro Finance, funding: $1.5M, round: Pre-Seed Category: DeFi RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/cedro_finance/status/1622873958151512065 LeadInvestors: Shima Capital Investors: IVF,Mask Network,Sam Thapaliya Introduction: An Omnichain Liquidity Layer ProjectName: Space ID, funding: $10M, round: Strategic Category: Digital Identity RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/SpaceIDProtocol/status/1622943085654056964 LeadInvestors: Polychain Capital,Dao5 Introduction: Digital identity platform
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.