In-depth interpretation of hot project data

Feb 10,2023
Nostr (Daumus) protocol with serious data decline, the latest interpretation, through the data to see whether Nostr will be a flash in the pan Nostr is a distributed network that does not use blockchain technology and does not use P2P network technology. (Jack, the former CEO of Twitter, is pushing it) Overall point of view # Global hotness is concentrated in China, with a concentration of 80% # High quality daily users declined severely 1. Highest daily activity of 87.4k (Feb 2), 36k active users yesterday (Feb 9, down 58.9% from high), 29k active users today (Feb 10, down 66.8% from high). The daily activity of high quality accounts fell to 4,000, back to the state of the outbreak, down -85% from the high point. 2. Half a month ago, there were 324,000 users, and now there are 931,000 cumulative users, an increase of 187% in the past half month. Among them, 518,000 users have personal homepages (55.6% of the total) # Content quality has seriously declined 1、The Nostr network adds an average of 908,000 events per day, of which 510,000 are posting article events, accounting for 54.2%, followed by getting contact events and updating personal home page events 2. As of now, the total number of events in the Nostr network is 10.35 million, of which posting article events account for 41.2% (4.26 million) # node data set (Tips: a Relay is equivalent to a node, the data between Relays is not automatically synchronized) 1, Relay's head effect is very obvious, most of the user data is stored in the Top 7 Relay nodes 2. The current Top 3 Relays store 229,000, 192,000 and 189,000 users respectively. 3、The total number of Relay is: 892 # The future outlook is very challenging 1. The overall decline in daily users is serious, but the total daily content posted is not decreasing, but increasing, which means that the current content is more inclined to centralized account posting, such as bot posting. At present, the main content of Daums App is basically occupied by pornography, advertisement and duplicate content. 2.'s real-time monitoring of network data confirms the first point. In this purely decentralized social network, how to improve the quality of content may be the next important point of attack. Data source:
Pay attention to the industry's hot value projects in real time, and summarize the multi-party data of the projects for organic integration and interpretation. It is convenient for users to understand the important information of the project more clearly and structured. Empowering investment decisions.