Quality Project Financing Tracking

Feb 18,2023
According to KingData monitoring, in the past 1 day, 6 projects have completed a total of $33.8M financing: ProjectName: Million on Mars, funding: $3.5M, round: Seed Category: Gaming RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/VentureBeat/status/1626589835464179712 LeadInvestors: Great South Gate,Widus Partners Investors: Solana Labs Introduction: Web3 gaming ProjectName: Phi, funding: $2M, round: Seed Category: Gaming RelatedLinks: https://medium.com/@phi.xyz/phi-raises-2m-seed-round-65e24d1833fb LeadInvestors: Chapter One,Delphi Digital Investors: Polygon Ventures,Stani Kulechov,Anthony Sassano,Ryan Sean Adams,David Hoffmann,Kartik Talwar,Scott More,Tim Beiko,Makoto Inoue,0xmons,Zefram Introduction: Web3 social gaming onboarding platform ProjectName: Cysic, funding: $6M, round: Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/cysic_xyz/status/1626606685782507521 LeadInvestors: Polychain Capital Investors: HashKey,ABCDE,SNZ Holding,web3.com Introduction: Hardware accelerating zero-knowledge proof. ProjectName: YGG, funding: $13.8M, round: Strategic Category: Gaming RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/YieldGuild/status/1626525166275801088 LeadInvestors: DWF Labs Investors: a16z crypto,Galaxy Interactive,Sangha Capital Fund,Sanctor Capital,David LEE Kuo Chuen Introduction: blockchain game platform ProjectName: GloryFinance, funding: $3.5M, round: Seed RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/BTCTN/status/1626552565604265984 LeadInvestors: Korean Technology Venture Capital Introduction: Simplified DeFi with Cross-chain services and UI innovation ProjectName: Unagi, funding: $5M, round: Seed Category: Gaming RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1626476816960552961 LeadInvestors: Sisu Game Ventures Investors: Sfermion,UOB Ventures ,Signum Capital,2B Ventures,Machame Introduction: Web3 gaming
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.