Twitter Potential Blue Chip NFTs Monitor

Feb 28,2023
According to KingData monitoring, potential blue-chip NFT projects were discovered from Twitter: NFT Name: Elemental Raiders Twitter Followers: 87.17K (7D: 42.6%) Twitter Followers(Whales): 31 Chain: ETH Mint Price: 0 ETH Total Giveaway: 1 (Ongoing: 1) Project Twitter Link: Project Info: Brought to you by - @GFAL_Official. Mass adoption for Web3 is now commencing. Notifications on.
This indicator analyzes all the public opinion about NFT on Twitter in real time. When these NFT public opinion indicators increase abnormally (such as being followed by a large number of Twitter NFT whales, or the number of Twitter followers of this NFT increases sharply, etc.), it often indicates that the NFT The potential to become a blue-chip is huge, and it deserves our attention, so as to help NFT players discover the next blue-chip NFT as quickly as possible. The indicator data comes from TwitterScan. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice)