DeFi Protocol Revenue Monitoring

Mar 15,2023
According to KingData monitoring, in the past 1 days, the Revenue of PancakeSwap was $153.33K, an increase of 57.39%. ProjectName: PancakeSwap Category: DeFi,Exchange,DEX TokenPrice: $3.83 Revenue[24H/7D]: $153.33K / $850.9K Revenue%[24H/7D]: 57.39% / 30.31% Token%[24H/7D]: 5.0% / -6.0%
This indicator is designed to monitor the revenue trend changes of high-quality DeFi projects (Revenue(1D) > $100K or Revenue(7D) > $600K ) currently on the market. When the revenue of the project shows a trend change in the past period of time, it will be broadcast as soon as possible. The Revenue of a project reflects the profitability of the project. Often changes in Revenue will also cause changes in the project's Token price trend within a period of time. (For data reference only, not for any investment advice)