Twitter Potential Blue Chip NFTs Monitor

5 days ago
According to KingData monitoring, potential blue-chip NFT projects were discovered from Twitter: NFT Name: Tearing🏹Spaces Twitter Followers: 36.18K (7D: 62.3%) Twitter Followers(Whales): 46 Chain: MATIC Mint Price: 0 MATIC Total Giveaway: 13 (Ongoing: 0) Project Twitter Link: Project Info: Experience the future of MOBA gaming with @SinoGlobalGames. PC & Mac demo in our Linktree👇. Collaborations:
This indicator analyzes all the public opinion about NFT on Twitter in real time. When these NFT public opinion indicators increase abnormally (such as being followed by a large number of Twitter NFT whales, or the number of Twitter followers of this NFT increases sharply, etc.), it often indicates that the NFT The potential to become a blue-chip is huge, and it deserves our attention, so as to help NFT players discover the next blue-chip NFT as quickly as possible. The indicator data comes from TwitterScan. (Do your own research. It's not a financial advice)