Featured Analysis Viewpoints from KOL

Mar 17,2023
Phyrex: The market value of BUSD fell by just over $60 million in the latest week, giving it a reprieve from USDC's unmitigated disaster, but a day without a settlement with the SEC makes it almost impossible for BUSD's market value to rise. Therefore, after calculating the changes in the market value of the five main stablecoins, it is clear that although TUSD and DAI have shared a lot of USDC's outflow funds, they still cannot carry the position of a large amount of exchange funds, with a net outflow of about $2.2 billion. https://t.co/CRpVQNzurj
There are excellent KOLs in every subdivision of Web3, and this indicator focuses on the analysis viewpoints of these KOLs. (Opinions are all from KOL, no investment advice)