DEX Whale Swap Tracker

Mar 18,2023
According to KingData monitoring, 236.6 WETH($417.65K) has just been swaped into 220.99 rETH. Sell/Quantity/Price: WETH | 236.6 | $1765.23 Buy/Quantity/Price: rETH | 220.99 | - TradeUser:eth2-depositor Address: 0xfb4b6b889e8ba9e1aa424dad4da9f8ba6b83bb0a
The share of DEX in the entire trading market continues to rise. Due to the deep liquidity, many whale swap will be completed in DEX. Whale swap of Token have a greater impact on the price of Token itself. This indicator monitors all whale swap in DEX in real time. It is convenient for us to know what tokens the whales are buying and selling in the chain at the first time.