Token Unlocks Tracker

Jun 19,2023
According to KingData monitoring, 15.15M ID($4.38M) will be unlocked in the next three days. The details are as follows: [06/22] 15.15M ID($4.38M) unlocked, 0.8% of total supply At the same time, next week (06/26-07/02) the unlock data that needs to be paid attention to are: [06/27] 14.57M RON($12.23M) unlocked, 1.5% of total supply [06/27] 16.87M YGG($2.36M) unlocked, 1.7% of total supply [06/30] 24.16M OP($26.55M) unlocked, 0.6% of total supply
In the Web3 project economic model, many Tokens are locked in different conditions, and gradually unlocked and flow into the market as time goes by. The unlocking of Token means that the liquid assets of the Token increase, which often has a great impact on the price. This indicator monitors and broadcasts Token data about to be unlocked in real time. It is convenient for users to pay attention to market fluctuations in advance.