Featured Analysis Viewpoints from KOL

Jul 03,2023
Phyrex: Since it is still a holiday in Europe and the United States, the overall liquidity data is not high, and more detailed data is not necessary for the time being. Moreover, the US stock market will be closed for one day tomorrow on the Independence Day of the United States, and the futures market will close in advance. Therefore, the real market maker will return after Wednesday. It should be noted that July is not only the game period, but also the second quarter earnings release period, after the first quarter of the US stock market... https://t.co/YCUNMVkWgb https://t.co/1it3SWW7VU
There are excellent KOLs in every subdivision of Web3, and this indicator focuses on the analysis viewpoints of these KOLs. (Opinions are all from KOL, no investment advice)