Quality Project Financing Tracking

Aug 17,2023
in the past 1 day, 4 projects have completed a total of $135.3M financing: ProjectName: Lore, funding: $2.3M, round: Venture Round Category: Web3 RelatedLinks: https://decrypt.co/152700/lore-wages-war-on-etherscan-with-fresh-2-3m-funding-round LeadInvestors: SALT.org,Arca,Balaji Srinivasan,Floodgate Introduction: Blockchain explorer ProjectName: Linera, funding: $6M, round: Seed+ Category: L1 RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1691797546597826596 LeadInvestors: Borderless Capital Investors: Laser Digital Ventures,Flow Traders,Eterna Capital Introduction: fast and scalable multi-chain protocol for the next generation of web3 applications ProjectName: BitGo, funding: $100M, round: Series C Category: CeFi RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1691778259212501054 Introduction: BitGo is an institutional digital asset financial services company that provides clients with security, custody, and liquidity solutions. ProjectName: Zetachain, funding: $27M Category: L1 RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1691797986685186290 Investors: Blockchain.com,Human Capital,VY Capital,Sky9 Capital,Jane Street Capital,VistaLabs,CMT Digital,Foundation Capital,Lingfeng Capital,GSR,Kudasai,Krust Introduction: Layer 1 focused on interoperability
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.