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Sept 04,2023
Huobi: Huobi will go live on September 5, 2023 NEXT (Connext) Dear Users, Fire COINS will be on September 5, 2023 online NEXT (Connext). At 21:00 (GMT + 8) on September 4, open NEXT filling currency service. [immediately charge money > > >] NEXT/USDT spot trading will be open after the amount of recharging has reached the market trading demand, the specific opening time will be announced separately. On September 6th at 21:00 (GMT + 8) open NEXT money services. Address (ERC20) : 0 xfe67a4450907459c3e1fff623aa927dd4e28c67a NEXT's official website: More events and rewards are coming soon, so stay tuned! Hurry to buy USDT ready to trade, 1 yuan buy USDT activity limited time open! Note: If the market order is not placed at ±10% of the latest price, the system will automatically cancel the market order. Because of the new online tokens, price fluctuations is bigger, please be sure to assess risks related to trade again. Huocoin September 4, 2023 Click on the download iPhone or Android APP Click register fire currency accounts, transactions have 15 yuan cash prize! Huobi Community Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Medium: Telegram: Fire currency reserves the sole discretion at any time for any reason to change, the right to change or cancel this announcement, without prior notice. Content of the above information is for reference only, any virtual assets, this platform fire currency products or promotions do not do any recommendation or guarantee. The price of virtual assets fluctuates greatly, and the investment and trading of virtual assets will face great risks. Please read the risk warning here. Original link:
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