Quality Project Financing Tracking

Sept 07,2023
in the past 1 day, 3 projects have completed a total of $35M financing: ProjectName: TRLab, funding: $5M, round: Seed Category: NFT RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/trlab_/status/1699413943062598120 LeadInvestors: Hivemind Capital Partners,OKX Ventures Investors: Hashkey Capital Introduction: Fine Art NFT Platform ProjectName: Story Protocol , funding: $25M, round: Series A Category: Metaverse RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/StoryProtocol/status/1699411637244158037 LeadInvestors: a16z crypto Investors: Hashed,Endeavor,Samsung Next,Dao5,Insignia Venture Partners,Alliance DAO,Foresight Ventures,Mirana Ventures,Two Small Fish Ventures,11:11 Media Introduction: platform offers a way to create, govern, and license intellectual property on-chain and form an ecosystem of story legos that can be remixed and composed, enabling creators to build a narrative story with ownership and incentive. ProjectName: Socket, funding: $5M, round: Strategic Category: Infrastructure RelatedLinks: https://twitter.com/SocketDotTech/status/1699454854329225431 LeadInvestors: Coinbase Ventures,Framework Ventures Introduction: interoperability protocol which powers seamless asset & data transfers for apps across blockchains
This indicator broadcasts a daily tracking of the financing of quality projects.